【Pickupp Delivers Success】 ilovetaimeow - Why They Choose Pickupp

Nov 4, 2021 12:01 PM

Success Story

【Pickupp Delivers Success】ilovetaimeow - Why They Choose Pickupp

ilovetaimeow selected Pickupp as their long-term delivery partner, as we provide next-day delivery service with affordable prices, flexible delivery arrangements, and customer service. Our delivery agents provide photos of parcels upon their arrival, allowing ilovetaimeow's founder, Melanie, to ensure the products are delivered punctually and safely to her clients. With all these qualities, she has always been a strong supporter of Pickupp. Watch the interview video featuring ilovetaimeow below, where you can learn more about their brand story, as well as how Pickupp delivers high-quality cat products to their clients, and bring joy and good health to their pets! Melanie's cat, Marble, used to get sick easily from a young age, and she is the biggest motivator of ilovetaimeow. Upon doing research on healthy canned food options, Melanie stumbled across the nu4Pet brand, a Taiwanese brand that offers customised and high-quality healthy food for pets. She enjoyed their products and got connected with the brand, which resulted in her becoming the only retailer in Hong Kong and Macau that stock goods from nu4Pet. Melanie then established ilovetaimeow to distribute nu4Pet products for cats, including canned food, dry food, snacks, nutrition powder, and other pet supplies.

Pickupp provides clients with comprehensive logistic services. We are committed to ensuring each good is delivered safely, punctually, and accurately in the hands of our customers. If you are interested in knowing more about Pickupp’s delivery service, register now! Read More:How White Lemon Kitchen saves 33% on restaurant food deliveries? Read More: How smart logistics to help you to optimize sales performance?