International Express Mask Delivery Important Information

Mar 5, 2020 11:26 AM


Limited Time Offer - Summer Delivery Promotion : $25 up to 1kg, $30 up to 5kg* With the outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus and citywide shortage of surgical masks, a lot of Hong Kong citizens and merchants are now forced to purchase masks overseas and have difficulties shipping them back at an affordable cost. Don’t worry, Pickupp got you covered.

Saving up to 62% on international express delivery with Pickupp

Pickupp operates through our own global network of logistics providers to ensure all your commodities are shipped safely, offering a complete door-to-door service, and more importantly, at an affordable price. *We are unable to process international mask delivery from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, USA, India, Thailand, Germany, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (e.g. Dubai) and Russia as these countries have imposed an export ban on masks. **All shippers of alcohol must be licensed and authorized to ship according to the applicable laws set by Civil Aviation Department and regulations of the origin and destination states.

International Delivery

Pickup will deliver the pricing to your mailbox within 5 mins upon your form submission.