How to deliver orders

[Contactless Delivery]

Under "contactless delivery", the delivery agent will see the "contactless/unattended" column in "Dropoff Progress". After confirming the delivery time/method with the recipient: - confirm that the recipient has received the orders. Please select "Attended but contactless delivery"; - confirm that no one will receive the parcel. Please select "No attended, put down item with constent", and then upload the conversation screenshot with the recipient to the App. Please note: Delivery agents have to keep the call log record or conversation screenshot regarding the "contactless delivery" to reduce unnecessary misunderstandings. If Pickupp receives complaints from merchants or customers about "contactless delivery" orders such as "delivery agent drop off the parcel without authorization" and the delivery agent cannot provide conversation proof, the income may be deducted or even face account suspension. Before accepting the order, please ensure that you meet the relevant "Vaccine Pass" requirements at the pickup/delivery point. *In case of any disputes, HK Pickupp Limited reserves the final decision.
Select the corresponding order after clicking ‘My Orders’. Please send confirmation message/ call the recipient before clicking ‘Begin Dropoff Process’.
And then finish the dropoff process
1. After arriving at the drop off point, switch on the GPS. 2. Scan the QR code on the parcel/ barcode to confirm you are delivering the right parcel. 3. Then take a drop off photo to confirm delivery. The drop off photo must show the parcel number and the door sign off the drop off point clearly. The example of a correct drop off photo:
4.Lastly, let the recipient sign on the Pickupp Hero App when receiving the parcel. If the recipient refuses to sign, please click "Unable to collect signature' and then upload the conversation screenshot with the recipient.

Delivery Note 📝

"Delivery Note" is the physical note that has to be returned to the warehouse. "Delivery Note" is the order with the logo with 📜 in the lower right corner of the order. 🚨 Please ensure Delivery note is collected when picking up orders.🚨 After accepting an order with a delivery note, please complete all the steps below: 1. After arriving at the drop off point, please ask the recipient to sign and stamp the delivery note, as well as the Pickupp Hero App. 2. Return the delivery note to the warehouse within two days. The warehouse staff will stamp on the delivery note. 3. Take a photo of the stamped delivery note before you leave and upload it to Pickupp Hero App. The example of a correct photo:
Then, please upload the delivery note photo to the Pickupp Hero App within two days. In "My Earnings’ page, please select the corresponding order and upload the photo at the bottom of the page. Please note that the delivery note photo must include (1) recipient’s signature/stamp and (2) warehouse’s stamp. Otherwise, your earnings of this order will be on hold.

Order Completed!


⚠️Without the recipients’ consent, Pickupp delivery agent cannot deliver the parcel to the third party nor leave the parcel at the doorstep. ⚠️If Pickupp delivery agent loses the parcel because of not following the correct procedures (like the example mentioned above), Pickupp delivery agent has to bear the cost of the lost items, which will be deducted from the payroll (maximum HKD $1,000). ⚠️Forging signature is a criminal offense