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Available Orders

You can see the available orders after clicking the ‘Available Orders’ button at the bottom of the page. At the top of the page, you will find different options for filtering the orders. For example, you can filter the pick-up and drop-off area to find orders that are suitable for you. Before accepting an order, please pay attention to the items below:

- The upper left corner shows the pick-up time limit - The upper right corner shows the drop-off time limit - You will see a “warehouse icon” shown in the lower left corner if it is a warehouse order - The “fire icon” shown in the lower right corner represents hot orders; these orders have a shorter drop-off time limit with a relatively higher price

More options are available after clicking the ‘Available Orders’ button, including:

Suggestion - the system will search for similar orders for you based on your past orders • Hot Orders - the system will filter orders for you by showing orders with a shorter drop-off time limit but with a relatively higher price • Projects - You can only take orders from ‘Projects’ after specific training. These orders have higher requirements, the price is relatively higher as well. If you have not been added to any Pickupp projects, ‘Projects’ will not be shown in the app. • Jobs - After you have taken a designated number of orders, you will level up and be able to take orders from ‘Jobs’. Inside ‘Jobs’, there are numerous jobs available for your choice. Each job order is different in details (example: pick up and drop off time limits, district, number of orders). Pickupp will assign orders for you according to your desired district, you do not have to compete for orders.

Types of Orders

Suggested orders

Suggested orders

Bundled orders

Bundled orders

Hot orders

Hot orders





Warehouse orders

Warehouse orders

Suggested Orders


What is ‘Suggested Orders’?

On the ‘Available Orders’ page, after clicking the 💡 ‘suggested’ button, all the orders shown are suggested orders. Suggested orders are orders suggested for you based on your past delivery history. The more orders you have accepted, the more the system can help you sort orders that are more suitable for you. The procedure for taking suggested orders is the same as for ordinary orders.

Bundled Order


What is ‘Bundled Order’?

Orders with similar districts and routes will be bundled up to make it more convenient for Pickupp Delivery Agents to take multiple orders. Please be reminded that all orders inside the bundled orders have to be completed instead of just one of them!

How to take a ‘Bundled Order’?

- ‘Bundled Order’ will be shown above the price of each order, the number of orders will be shown inside the circle as well. - Click into the bundled order to check the details; before accepting the order, the map will show the pick up and drop off addresses for all of the orders. - If the order is manageable for you, please click on the words in blue in the right bottom corner and check all the order details. - After confirming you can complete all the orders on time, swipe right to accept the bundled orders. Accepted orders will be shown in ‘My Orders’.

Hot Orders


What is "Hot Orders" ?

There is a fire icon in the page🔥, ‘Hot Orders’ usually are urgent orders with a higher price for all Pickupp Delivery Agents to choose. The procedure of taking a hot order is the same as taking a regular order.


What is ‘Pre-match’?

- By using the ‘pre-match’ function, Pickupp delivery agents can preview and accept orders from the day after! Planning your route a day in advance allows you to have better control of your day! How to accept ‘Pre-match’ orders? 1.) There are available orders for tomorrow every night from 21:30 to 05:00. 2.) After accepting an order, you can check your accepted orders from ‘My Orders’. 3.) Arrive at the pick-up point at the designated time, the pick-up time limit will be shown in the app.


What is ‘Jobs’?

You can see the ‘Jobs’ after clicking the ‘Available Orders’ button. After taking a job, Pickupp will assign orders for you according to your job content before the job confirmation time. All the orders will be assigned to you based on your designated time period and district; the number of orders assigned to you can be different from your designated amount of orders at most by 30% (for example: you take 10 orders in ‘Jobs’, it is possible for us to assign 7-13 orders to you). All assigned orders can be found in ‘My Orders’.

Warehouse Orders

What is ‘Warehouse Order’?

Warehouse orders are orders that require you to pick up the parcel from Pickupp’s warehouse. The benefit of warehouse orders is that there are more available orders from the same pick-up point, so you can take multiples at the same time at the same location. Please pay attention to the opening hours of the warehouse since delivery agents may arrive earlier than the parcels! Also, when picking up parcels from our collaborative warehouses, please pay attention to the staff’s direction and do not pick up any parcels without consent. *Friendly reminder: you can check the opening hours of the warehouse in the order’s details.


My Wallet


You can check your account balance after clicking ‘Wallet’

Cash Out: - The balance in the app does not represent your bank account. If you would like to transfer money from your app balance to your bank account, please click the ‘Cash out’ button. Please note that you must cash out at least $100 every time. Top Up: - If you wish to top up your account balance (e.g. account balance less than $100 but want to withdraw/ want to accept cash on delivery orders). Please click on the ‘Top Up’ button, top up through bank transfer or FPS. My earning: - A record of the price for every completed order - Filter the dates you want to enquire Transaction History : - A record of each top up and cash out transaction Bank details: - You can bind with your bank account. After making the withdrawal request, Pickupp will transfer the amount to the binded bank account.

Contact Us

You can reach our customer service by clicking on the ‘Help’ button. Our service time is from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. After clicking ‘Send us a new message’, you can choose the area you need to be assisted with, and enquire after providing the order number. *Please first select the category that you need help with and provide the order number. Our customer service team will start providing you with help. The categories you can select include: Pick up Issue - Parcel unfound at warehouse - Parcel Damaged - Oversize/Overweight Delivery issues - Unable to deliver - Unable to contact the consignee - Accidents during the delivery Rescheduling from the consignee - Wrong address Change Delivery Time My Wallet - Earnings enquiries Projects Jobs Other enquiries


You can click ‘Profile’ to see the information and functions related to your account


You can check

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