Deliver More

with Less Environmental Impact

Deliver More

with Less Environmental Impact

​​Pickupp has launched the “Pickupp Zero” Program, providing you with logistics solutions to offset carbon emissions. You can offset unavoidable carbon emissions during delivery in a simple and cost-effective way. Pickupp also encourages delivery agents to make good use of low-carbon emission vehicles and mass transit to achieve sustainability.

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ESG initiatives is not a box-ticking exercise. We believe companies that are managed consistently with societal needs and shooting for sustainable outcomes in long-term strategies would be more resilient to deal with severe events and safeguard its long-term success. Pickupp aims to achieve "The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)", which's built on decades of work by countries and the UN. With the below actions, we hope to provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future: • Proprietary bundling technology to reduce delivery trips • Encourage delivery agent to use public transportation • Offer green packaging options to reduce non-recyclable waste • Improve resource efficiency by tapping into underutilized vehicles and spaces • Support SMEs and neighbourhood businesses

Benefits To Your Business

Demonstrates corporate leadership and strengthen your company's position

Contributes to corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Has a positive impact on communities around the world by offsetting through verified projects

Begins, or continues sustainable business practices

Meets the increasing demands of internal and external stakeholders

Improves the sense of belonging of employees with common environmental protection concept

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