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Special Summer Offer

Saving 33% Delivery Cost

Pickupp provides Same Day Delivery and Next Day Delivery service. The delivery fee starts at $27 and we offer as low as 50% fee compared to our competitors.

Cosmetics, skin care products

Online orders for skin care products and cosmetics are increasing during the summer, Pickupp will support your omni-channel retail strategy with easy returns, store-to-store replenishment, transfer and flexible delivery options to save on warehouse distribution and shipping costs.

Sport Equipment

In summer, there's a surging demand for sports gears. Struggled to handle? Pickupp offers flexible delivery options and only factors in weight for shipping fee which saves you a lot of costs.

Text Books

With new school year approaches, booksellers have to deal with a substantial amount of orders. With our textbook delivery and other add-on services, book delivery made easy with no hassles.
Next-Day Delivery

Next-Day Delivery

Looking for cheaper options? Our next-day delivery is a more affordable option, especially when you’re placing bulk orders.

Self Pick-up Service

Self Pick-up Service

With 500+ pick-up points, your customers can collect parcels anytime, anywhere in our warehouses, convenience stores and smart lockers.

Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services

The end-to-end solution that empowers your e-commerce business — order management, storage, packaging, return and delivery services.

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