【企業客戶案例】如何成為全港首選網店 點做先可以突圍而出?

Mar 20, 2021 11:45 AM


【企業客戶案例】如何成為全港首選網店 點做先可以突圍而出?

Baby Central is one of the biggest online baby store in Hong Kong. Clarissa and Rae, the owners, are both mothers themselves and understand how difficult it is for moms to do shopping. To give Hong Kong moms the best better customer experience journey they could ever ask for, Baby Central partners with Pickupp 2 years ago and become the first and only online baby store in Hong Kong to provide complimentary same day delivery! Their willingness to innovate and eager to strive for excellence has made them one of the most successful online baby store in Hong Kong!  Watch our interview with Rae and learn how Pickupp helps Baby Central to become the most loved ONLINE BABY STORE by Hong Kong moms!

Baby Central是香港其中一所最大型、最成功的網上嬰兒用品店,主要出售各類母嬰產品。 Baby Central希望透過提供靈活的上門送貨服務,讓各位母親能在任何時侯隨心所欲地購物。 3年前,Baby Central正在苦惱怎樣才能提供更好的客戶購物體驗,因為他們明白,有了孩子後,媽媽們外出購物的機會大大縮減,方便快捷的網購才能成為年輕媽媽們的首選。緣份讓Clarissa和Rae遇上了Pickupp! 當Clarissa和Rae得知有如此方便媽媽級顧客的送貨服務,她們立即頭也不回地比人快一步推出免費即日送貨上門服務,成功在同行中突圍而出,現已成為媽媽們線上購物的首選! 立即觀看Baby Central訪問,了解Pickupp如何幫助BabyCentral 成為香港最貼心的網上嬰兒用品店!


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