【2022 Discount Guide】3 Tips To Put Customers In A Buying Mood and Increasing Online Store Sales

Jul 29, 2022 5:59 PM

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【2022 Discount Guide】3 Tips To Put Customers In A Buying Mood and Increasing Online Store Sales

Hoping to drive your online sales during summer's peak season and the second phase of the Consumption Voucher Scheme? If you were considering running a sales campaign, you may want to re-think it. Frequent price reductions can not only affect brand loyalty but also cause difficulties in making up for lost profits. So what other promotional methods can online stores use to attract customers? We'll share with you 3 preferential strategies to help you put customers in a buying mood and increase the turnover of online stores!

1. Repurchase discount

In addition to attracting new customers, effective management of old customers is also the focus of increasing turnover. Online store owners can set up a membership system so that members can earn shopping points with every purchase they make. The points can then be used as cash for the next purchase, or they can be utilised to exchange points for other products. Taking KFC as an example, customers can save 1 point for every 1 dollar they spend. They can then exchange the points for rewards such as Egg Tarts and Chicken Nuggets when they have accumulated enough points. The points are settled at the end of each season to facilitate membership management. This way, online stores can retain old and existing customers and attract them to return.

2. Add-on products

Enabling add-on products at discounted prices is another strategy to try. Online stores can add a variety of add-on products to the shopping cart page, allowing customers to purchase products at special prices. Since most of the customers who enter the shopping cart page are willing to pay for the order, the settlement amount of the order can be increased, if they purchase the add-on products. For example, MyDress allows you to add discounted beauty and lifestyle products at checkout, which has proven to attract customers to buy more products. Online stores can also feature products with combo discounts on product pages, giving customers the option to add them to their shopping cart when selecting a product. Combinations of preferential products will have strong complementarity, and the shopping experience will be enhanced when they are recommended by the store to buy together. For example, Sorra Mart has a combination of products recommended by the editors at the bottom of their product pages.

3. Free shipping discount

According to a study*, more than 80% of respondents said that shipping fee is one of the main reasons they choose whether to shop online. Therefore, by offering free shipping discounts on purchases over a specified amount, along with add-on products can effectively stimulate consumer desire to buy and increase business volume. Take the shopping platform C Live as an example: they decide whether to provide free shipping based on the order amount during the live broadcast. *The research comes from the "Examining Hong Kong consumers' behaviors in live video streaming" co-authored by the Enterprise and Social Development Research Centre of Hong Kong Shue Yan University and Proactive Think Tank.

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