Pickupp Fresh | Express Delivery 2.0

Introducing our new premium delivery service to handle your most delicate and important orders.

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Ideal for Fragile & Perishable Items

Cakes, chocolates , flowers, hot foods, and so much more.

Guaranteed Safe Delivery

Our specially trained agents handle each order with the utmost care, ensuring your items arrive in perfect condition.

We Bear the Risk

For your peace of mind, we offer compensation for any damages during transport.

Distinguished Brands that Trust Pickupp Fresh

Economical Solution

No need to build your own fleet and significantly reduce your last-mile transport costs.

Flexible Drop Off Time Slots

Select from a wide range of drop off time slots throughout the day and your items will be delivered within a 4-hour window.

Building on Our Top-Notch Express Service

Real-time GPS parcel tracking, photo proof of delivery plus signature, and pre-orders have become the norm.

Placing a Pickupp Fresh Order

Weight & Dimensions

- Max. weight per order is 10kg.
- Max. total dimensions per order is 150cm ; any one side cannot be larger than 50cm.

Pick Up

- Items will be collected within 2 hours after order created.


- Packaging that is transparent is preferable.


- We charge based on pick up & drop off area to better fit your needs.

- For more information on pricing, please refer to below Get a quote.

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