Step 1:Sign up for a training session 登記參加簡介會

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DA registration

What Should I Do After Signing Up ?

1. 24 hours before the registered briefing session, you will receive a phone call and SMS to confirm the date of the briefing session. Please arrive at the designated location at the corresponding time to attend the briefing session 2. You need to complete the test with a minimum score of 85 after completing the briefing 3. Register on the Pickupp Hero App and upload a clear avatar and a three-month valid address proof 4. Pickupp colleagues will verify the identity of the delivery agent and open an account on the site If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.
Be Your Own Boss

Step 2: To Ensure a Smooth Registration Process

Download Our App In Advance

Earn good money with flexible working hours, with just one click.

Step 3: Watch the Pickupp Hero Tutorial

Here are the steps:

Make sure to fill in the sign up form!


Fill in the sign up form

Schedule the training session and collect your complimentary welcome pack


Get your app, go online

Download the app before the training to ensure a smooth registration process.


Watch the training video & attend the training session with us

Attend a training to complete your onboarding and start delivering with us!

Work with Pickupp

Why work with Pickupp?

  • Extra earnings made easy.

  • Be your own boss.

  • Serving you always.

  • Work as a freelancer or Instant Delivery project (hourly salary $70+)


17 + & Working Permit

17 + & Working Permit

You have to be 17 years old or above and have the right to work in Hong Kong

A Smartphone

A Smartphone

An iPhone with iOS 10+ or Android 5+ to work with

Residential Address Proofs

Residential Address Proofs

Residential Address Proofs issued within the last 3 months

Pickupp Newsletter

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Delivery Agent FAQ

How can I become a delivery agent?

We welcome all Hong Kong residents who are 17+ , own a smart phone and interested to earn extra income by delivering for Pickupp! Please sign up for a free training session on our website's "Be a Delivery Agent" page and attend the training to activate your account. Please note that delivery agents are not considered as officially employed full time workers of Pickupp.

How long is the training?

Approximately 30 mins, we will verify your identity and teach you how to use our mobile app during the training! You account will be activated after training and you can start accepting orders!

Do I have to prepare anything before the training?


Identity document

Proof of address

Driver Licence

Vehicle Registration










Van/ Trucks





Do I need to pay a fee to join Pickupp?

No. Joining Pickupp is completely free of charge. Pickupp will only collect commission after you have completed delivery orders.

I have a full time job. Can I work part-time?

Absolutely. You can decide on how many orders you want to take everyday. Be your own boss! On a busy day, just don't take any.

I am a student. My schedule is not fixed, can I work part-time?

Absolutely. We are a flexible delivery platform. On a busy day, just don't take any orders. Sign up for a free training session on our website's "Be a Delivery Agent" page now!

How many orders can I take at a time ?

When you first started, walkers and scooters can take up to 6 orders at a time; drivers up to 9 orders. Upon delivering more orders for Pickupp, you will be upgraded and be able to take more orders at a time!