4 hour or Next day delivery, which one is for me?

Feb 7, 2020 12:13 PM

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4 hour or Next day delivery, which one is for me?
In the era of customer-experience-trumps-everything, Pickupp is here to offer you the most affordable yet smart door-to-door delivery services in Hong Kong!

Limited Time Offer - Summer Delivery Promotion : $25 up to 1kg, $30 up to 5kg* Our core services include 4 hour and next day door-to-door delivery. With our transparent platform and live CS support, your customers will be able to track her parcel 24/7, real time, at no extra cost. She will also receive a text message with delivery agent contact details, meaning, you don’t have to act as a CS anymore, going back and forth! Still can’t decide on which delivery services to use? Not to worry, continue to read. First, take a look at the two delivery flow!

4 hour or Next Day delivery,  which one is for me?

Our smart algorithm allows thousands of on-demand orders to be executed altogether, all delivered on-time! Do your customers require same-day or next day delivery? What’s the differences between 4-hr and next day delivery? Keep on reading!

Take a look at the product list and choose the best-suited delivery service(s) for your businesses!

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