Pickupp Door-to-Door Saliva Specimen Collection in 4 steps

Apr 2, 2020 7:00 AM

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You can ONLY use this service if you are already in possess of the Testing Kit provided by the Department of Health or GP.

Please read below instruction carefully before you create an order. You are required to click the link below to schedule a collection time slot.

Click here to book your collection slot in 1 minute now. Follow 4 simple tests and arrange collection in a few clicks, hassle-free.
*For serviced district details, please click here. *This collection service does not operate for quarantine hotels. Click here to book your collection slot in 1 minute now. FAQ 1.Who should I contact if I have any collection-related questions? Please email hk@pickupp.io or contact our online CS Team here. Our business hour is Monday to Friday 10am-10pm. 2. Will delivery agent call me before they arrive? Pickupp delivery agent will contact you prior to arrival. 3. How do I know if my sample has safely arrived at the clinic? You are able to track your Specimen's real-time location after our delivery agent collected it from you. All specimen collected will be delivered to the clinic on the same day. 4. How many sample(s) can Pickupp collect? For each collection order, we are able to collect up to 4 samples. This means that you only have to create 1 order and pay $100 if all of your household's samples are ready for collection on the same day, date and address. 5. I want to create an order online but it's not working? Please CLICK HERE to book your collection slot. You will have your time slot booked and confirmed in less than 1 minute. 6. Do your delivery agents wear masks? Yes, we have provided our delivery agents with daily surgical masks, gloves, hand sanitisers, on-to-go purifier device as well as extra sample collection boxes and bags. To ensure contactless delivery, please prepare your specimen according to the Government's instruction and place your sealed specimen bag into our collection bag. 7. Do you have same day collection? No, we have daily cut-off time (5pm on the day before collection). 8. Can I place the order without Hong Kong phone number? A valid HK phone number is necessary for placing an order. However, you may put down the hotel phone number so that our courier could contact them for the collection service. 9. What are the payment methods available? We only provide credit card payment method for placing saliva collection order. Click here to book your collection slot in 1 minute now. GovHK Press Release: Door-to-door specimen collection service for participants of Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance Programme for COVID-19 Testing https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202004/02/P2020040200340.htm?fontSize=1 Cyberport Startup Alumni Association (CSAA) Blog http://www.csaa.com.hk/blog/door-to-door-specimen-collection-service