【Pickupp International Express Service】 The most affordable option to help you maintain long-distance relationships

Jan 17, 2023 7:20 PM

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【Pickupp International Express Service】 The most affordable option to help you maintain long-distance relationships

Spread the love this Valentine's Day! Although the pandemic has impacted international postal services, making it a headache when sending gifts to loved ones abroad, the good news is that Pickupp has launched its own international express service! Gone are the days of delayed deliveries, heightened prices, and missed opportunities of conveying thoughts and concerns to loved ones. Users can enjoy high-quality international logistics services to solve various logistics needs at affordable prices, even during busy festive periods, and recipients will feel the love from miles away!

Affordable choice to help users easily convey warm blessings

One of our loyal users, Karen, has shown her appreciation toward Pickupp's international express service. She plans to go to Australia for postgraduate studies soon and is currently going through the process of securing her place at the university. The institution requires Karen to send various documents over, including her academic certificates and application forms. Karen had experienced extreme distress as a result of frequent logistics delays, and one of her certificates even got lost during the lengthy delivery process. Fortunately, Pickupp's International Express Service allows Karen to send crucial documents safely and securely to foreign institutions at a favorable price, allowing her to complete the application process with peace of mind while saving a lot of trouble.

The best tips for multinational e-commerce to improve business performance

Another loyal user, Jacob, has been hoping to improve business performance, and he shared with us that Pickupp's international express service has been the best choice for achieving that goal. Jacob runs an online store selling vintage jewelry, with many of his customers in Canada. With the sudden appearance of the pandemic, Jacob was unable to handle the delivery of overseas goods properly, and many of the expensive goods were also lost during the lengthy transportation. You can imagine how many headaches he had suffered. Luckily for him, Pickupp's has helped to solve all those problems! Pickupp's international mailing service covers 79 countries and regions, providing high-quality delivery guarantees. Stores no longer have to worry about delays or the loss of goods in transit, and they can send items to overseas customers at affordable prices, therefore reducing logistics costs.
Would you like to send a surprise gift abroad to your family, friends, or a significant other during Valentine’s Day? Explore Pickupp's international express service by taking a minute or two to register as a business user and we'll help you solve your logistics needs!