5-Star Hotels Use Same Day Delivery for Cake

Jan 18, 2023 7:33 PM

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5-Star Hotels Use Same Day Delivery for Cake

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Plenty of online bakery stores have emerged to sell their bakery products online in recent years, but the complicated logistics process has caused headaches for many store owners. Having a stable logistics service frees up time for store owners, enabling them to accept more orders. Our clients Rosewood Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel , for example, have used Pickupp's home delivery service to help them attract customers from different regions and increase customer experiences from offline to online.

What difficulties are online bakeries facing?

"One-Man-Band" leads to a lack of time

Among the various types of online stores, online bakeries have a larger volume of customers, meaning they need an effortless and stable logistics process to maintain the quality of food. Freshly made food like cakes can spoil easily and grow bacteria if not stored appropriately. Not only that, cakes can be damaged easily with a slight shake or bump, so careful delivery is necessary. Many store owners now deliver the food in person to different districts, and while it can ensure the quality and maintain the appearance of the food, it's extremely time-consuming. Since the majority of these owners participate in the entire production process themselves, their ability to accept more orders goes downhill, especially when delivering the goods themselves.
Rosewood Cake

Use of third party logistics support providers

Safeguarding food quality

The most crucial thing for a bakery to uphold is the quality of the food, and a third-party provider for logistics support can meet this need. Pickupp's real-time GPS tracking allows store owners to know the status of their deliveries in real-time to ensure smooth delivery.

Same Day Delivery for Cake | 4 Hours Door-to-door

With over 24,000+ merchants now offering same-day delivery services via Pickupp, merchants can concentrate on their online business and stand out from their competitors by getting products to customers in a secure and timely manner. Sign up to be our partner merchant today!