【Pickupp Delivers Success】 CLive - Why They Choose Pickupp

Dec 16, 2021 5:49 PM

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【Pickupp Delivers Success】 Clive - Why They Choose Pickupp

CLive, a local live shopping broadcast platform, has held 3,000 live broadcasts since its establishment. CLive appreciates Pickupp’s calculation model for product freight, which allows them to reduce unnecessary delivery fees, as well as offer affordable prices for their audience. Check out our interview video featuring Steve, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), to learn more about their brand story and how we help them solve the logistics burden and attract more customers!
Intending to present all the advantages and disadvantages of various products to the audience through live broadcasting, CLive persisted in its tenet for customers to “watch demonstrations before actual purchases”. As a result, customers gain a better knowledge of their product of interest before proceeding to their final buying decision.
However, the cost of running live streaming e-commerce is not cheap. Most logistics companies calculate the delivery fee by measuring the product volume, resulting in extremely high costs for CLive to ship large products such as household appliances. Fortunately, CLive discovered Pickupp, which calculates freight only by weight, subsequently allowing them to save a substantial amount on delivery expenses. CLive aims to provide more diversified services for its customers while maintaining affordability. Steve also expresses his appreciation for Pickupp’s efforts to improve and diversify its logistic services. Not only that, he finds it valuable that Pickupp cooperates with different partner locations and 7-11 stores to offer more delivery options, which assists e-commerce platforms like themselves to increase business efficiency.
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