【Pickupp Delivers Success】 Cookieism - Why They Choose Pickupp

Dec 16, 2021 10:52 AM

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【Pickupp Delivers Success】 Cookieism - Why They Choose Pickupp

Cookieism was established by Eva and Priscilla during the pandemic. They both appreciate Pickupp’s one-stop logistics service, which allows them to focus on core business and ensure reliable and punctual delivery service. To learn more about Cookieism's brand story and how Pickupp assists them to meet diversified customer needs, watch our interview video with Eva and Priscilla!

As we all know, COVID-19 has disrupted the majority of travel plans, including Eva and Priscilla’s. During some downtime, the two young cookie enthusiasts established their brand, Cookieism, and began to sell premium cookies baked fresh every morning. Their cookies are 100% hand-made with raw French ingredients, and no added preservatives. One of Cookieism's goals is to remind consumers of their memorable travelling experiences with a variety of flavours and at affordable prices.

 Cookieism - Why They Choose Pickupp

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