Four Incredible Photography Skills to Increase Likes for Your IG Post

Nov 6, 2020 1:48 AM

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Four Incredible Photography Skills to Increase Likes for Your IG Post⁣

Wondering how to increase likes for your IG? Want to have create attractive product pictures like Shop On Pickupp ? Here are four incredible tips for you to boost like!

1) Sufficient light is the best filter

As long as there is enough light, your photos will look clearer and brighter, and can show the color of the food at the same time. So when you are shooting, remember to be close to the window to capture natural light.

2) Make good use of props

Using special props can make the photos look original and no longer monotonous. At the same time, it helps to create a comfortable atmosphere and a sense of affinity. It is absolutely an indispensable element of photos.

3) Make sure you have a clean background

The audience may lose patience with an IG feed when the photo background is too chaotic. Therefore, make sure you have a clean background that is able to highlight your product while optimizing the texture of the photo.

4) Adjust colour tone with filters

Adding a filter can be the best way to increase the quality of your picture while maintaining a consistent layout for your IG account. There are several useful Apps for you to choose from: snapseed, Lightroom and vsco, etc.
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