【Pickupp Tutorial】How to Create International Express Service Orders

Oct 28, 2022 5:51 PM

Pickupp Tutorial
Pickupp Logistic Service
Wondering about how to send gifts overseas to relatives and friends, or how to deliver products to foreign customers quickly and professionally? With Pickupp's international express service, your international shipping needs will be solved easily!

How to create orders

Registering as a user is the first step to kicking off your journey with Pickup. Head over to Pickupp’s official website to fill in your information, and remember to select “International Express Service” when you are asked to choose a “Pickupp Service you are interested in using”.
As for payments, you can opt to use a credit card. Simply connect your credit card to your account through Stripe, then in the preferable amount to recharge. Please note that the current international express service can only be displayed in our new interface, there select “Change to a new interface” section on the page after you have successfully topped up your account and wish to move on to the next step.
When entering the new interface, please click on the “Order” section located on the left side of the page, then select “create an international order”.
You will then be able to fill in the order details, which should include: - Sender information: enter the name and telephone number of the sender as well as the self-mailing service point code. Remember to use capital letters so that our system can successfully identify them. - Recipient information: enter the recipient’s name, living country/region, zip code, telephone number, and detailed address. Please bear in mind that you should use English when entering the receiving information. To ensure that your package can be successfully delivered, double-check the zip code before submitting your order form.
Feel free to contact our customer service or visit this site if you have any queries regarding delivery restrictions. After placing the international express order, please go to older version on the left column if you want to continue on placing Pickupp local delivery order.

Precautions for Customs Declaration

1. Check the list of contraband and customs regulations before sending. 2. The name, brand, material, price, and other information for different articles in the waybill must be specified clearly. 3. The declared unit price shall not be equal to or less than $0. After placing an order, write down the order number, which should begin with “PU”. Otherwise, you can print a small bill paper and stick it onto the goods. Remember to bring the paper commercial invoice(at least 3 pages in English) with you when you're sending off your goods at a Pickupp self-drop-off point. Upon arrival, our staff will measure the weight of your goods again and confirm the final delivery price. After completing the steps above, you can track the delivery status through the Pickupp system with the order number you wrote down.

Precautions for Pickupp International Express Service

We calculate the actual weight and volume weight of the goods when measuring the delivery price. When calculating the volume weight, we divide the length x width x height of the goods by 5,000. You will be charged based on the heavier weight of the two.
Before you head to one of our self drop-off points, don't forget to check the 'self drop-off address and opening hours' and ensure your goods meet the International delivery standards. International shipping restrictions include, but are not limited to: - Weapons and ammunition - Inflammable and explosive articles - Medicines and illegal drugs - Corrosive radioactive substances - Currency and marketable securities - Animal and plant products
Pickupp's International Express Service can effectively assist commercial users to solve their delivery needs. We are committed to delivering your goods (even those with high time-sensitivity) quickly and professionally to improve your business efficiency. For individual users, we also provide the most reliable and cost-effective choice to send gifts or daily necessities to overseas relatives and friends. The best parts of our service is that we do not have any limitations on the package weight, and your goods can be delivered to the designated overseas address within 3-5 days at the earliest. Experience the best international delivery experience. Register and try Pickupp's services now!