Chinese and Western Health Clinics Deliver Medicine to Patients Within 4 Hours

Mar 9, 2022 10:45 PM

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Chinese and Western Health Clinics Deliver Medicine to Patients Within 4 Hours

During the epidemic, many patients have been reluctant to visit clinics and hospitals for medical consultation or to collect long-term medication out of fear of contracting the virus. Although numerous Chinese and Western medical practitioners are now providing remote consultation and pharmacy services, some of the consultation fees do not include the cost of medication or delivery services, consequently, patients need to inconveniently pick up their medication from the clinic. This issue could be solved if Chinese and Western health clinics utilize logistics services to deliver medications to patients promptly.

Third-party logistics services deliver medication from clinics

Pickupp's point-to-point home delivery service allows their couriers to deliver medicine to the patients' homes immediately after they have been dispensed at the clinic. This brings convenience to patients and their families, as there'll be no need for them to travel for it. The service also notifies customers of the delivery time via SMS.
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Timely delivery of medications

Additionally, Pickupp's GPS real-time tracking feature allows clinics to track the status of medicines, ensuring timely and safe delivery of the supplies to the appropriate destination. Pickupp also ensures quality delivery by providing a one-time password to the customer's address before each delivery, which helps avoid any errors or omissions in medication delivery. The 4-hour delivery starts at $36 per order, and the 24/7 order placement feature allows clinics to deliver medicines to patients whenever necessary. Many organizations such as Quality HealthCare and MyDoc use our service to deliver Chinese and Western medicines.
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Point-to-point deep throat saliva sample courier service

What's more, Pickupp also provides courier and storage services for anti-vaccination products, with strict hygiene control and regular distribution of antivaccination products to ensure the health of the delivery staff. The samples are delivered to the clinic. Pickupp now offers same-day delivery to over 24,000+ merchants. Sign up to be our partner merchant today!