【Pickupp Delivers Success】 Outfit On Point - Why They Choose Pickupp

Dec 16, 2021 10:37 AM

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【Pickupp Delivers Success】 Outfit On Point - Why They Choose Pickupp

Outfit On Point is an online shop selling South Korean fashion items. The shop owner, Jelly, chose Pickupp among all other competitors due to our same-day delivery option. This convenient service allows her to ship products to customers reliably and punctually even when she comes home late. Watch the interview video featuring Outfit On Point below, where you can learn more about their brand story, and how Pickupp assists Jelly to fulfil various customer needs!

Jelly, who has a full-time day job, decided to establish her own brand Outfit On Point due to her love for fashion. Her biggest desire is to provide her clients with stylish clothes, enabling them to look “on point” during any occasion. She also dedicates herself to ensuring that her clients will receive products “on time” after their initial purchase online.

Outfit On Point - Why They Choose Pickupp

It's never easy to wear two hats at the same time, though with some assistance from her friends and a reliable logistics company, Jelly can continue with her favourite sideline job. Our flexible delivery options allow Pickupp merchants to cope with peak season demands and efficiently solve unexpected delivery problems. We are committed to ensuring the best delivery experience for your clients to boost the effectiveness of your business. Register and join us now!