【Pickupp Delivers Success】 Fulfilment Service to Solve the Health Needs of Customers | Pickupp X Alohalife

Nov 2, 2022 12:17 PM

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【Pickupp Delivers Success】 Fulfilment Service to Solve the Health Needs of Customers | Pickupp X Alohalife

Alohalife is a health equipment company that rents and sells home medical equipment to help modern urbanites build healthier lives. Alohalife has been focusing on providing a variety of high-quality and innovative products to their customers, their products include wheelchairs, pressure monitors, scooters and others. Among the various products, the most popular health option for customers is the dumbbell, which is not only easy to use but also an effective choice for users to improve their health conditions.

Although these popular dumbbells have been bringing significant profits to Alohalife , still, they also lead to certain challenges for the company. Due to its heavy weight and relatively large size, no matter the shop owners or the customers always find the storage and delivery process troublesome.

Specifically, Alohalife’s physical stores have limited space for storage, the dumbbell itself with its outer packaging always overflows the storehouse and makes the storefront full of boxes. This also causes inconvenience for staff to arrange and pick up the products.

On the other hand, customers also find it challenging to carry such bulky items and travel home after purchasing. Worse still, once the store is forced to shut down due to unexpected epidemic control, customers may need to tolerate delivery delays, which will significantly affect their shopping experience.

Thankfully, Alohalife has chosen Pickupp ’s one-stop logistics service with fulfillment to arrange door-to-door delivery services for their customers. Now, after the customer places an order in a physical store or an online store, their shopping items will be dispatched directly from Pickupp warehouse and delivered quickly to the customer’s house. With the assistance of Pickupp, Alohalife's warehousing, delivery, and the problem of excessive inventory were easily solved. The extra space can be facilitated. They have significantly improved their service quality and attracted more customers with just a little cost.

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