【Amazon Return/Refund Tutorial】Returning Goods to the U.S. via Pickupp International Delivery Services

May 25, 2022 6:25 PM

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【Amazon Return/Refund Tutorial】 Returning Goods to the U.S. via Pickupp International Delivery Services

Since we've not been able to travel abroad easily, many of us satisfied our shopping desires by purchasing from overseas platforms online. However, there are always cases when the goods arrive faultily or not to our liking and we just want to return them. Some people may prefer to buy expensive imported goods in stores and give up shopping online for fear of the hassle. However, returns are easy with Pickupp's international logistics service! We'll use the world's largest overseas shopping platform, Amazon , as an example, and show you how to use Pickupp's International Delivery Service to return the goods, in addition to Hong Kong Postal Services and the official courier service of Amazon.
Amazon Refund Tutorial

Amazon Return Tutorial

1. Select the product you wish to return in [Your Orders] and click on the [Return or Replace Items] button. 2. Select the number of items to be returned, your reason for the return, and submit your request. 3. Select "I'll Ship & Pay" to use Pickupp International Express Service for your return. 4. Print out the Commercial Invoice and Return Authorisation Slip, then place them into the return package. Print out the Return Mailing Label provided by Amazon and attach it to the outside of the package. 5. Send the return email to Amazon Fulfilment Center. ***Reminder: ensure the goods are packed properly. The original packaging can be used if there is no damage.

How to Use Pickupp's International Delivery Service for Amazon Returns

Steps: 1. Go to hk.pickupp.io, create an account and add credits. 2. Select "Orders" and create an international order, then mark the order number on the parcel or show the QR code to the staff at our service point after placing the order. *Note: The recipient's information can refer to the Return Mailing Label provided by Amazon. To make the customs clearance process smoother, please refer to the following example for the description of the goods: Book (Goods Return Only). 3. Drop your parcels off at a Pickupp service point [Address: https://hk.pickupp.io/pickupp-service-points]. Remember to bring the paper commercial invoice (at least 3 pages in English) with you. 4. Parcel rates will be confirmed upon arrival at our warehouse. We calculate the actual weight and volume weight of the goods when measuring the delivery price. When calculating the volume weight, we divide the length x width x height of the goods by 5,000. You will be charged based on the heavier weight of the two. Example: Customer A needs to return a 1.3 kg package to the United States, measuring 10 X 10 X 5 cm and weighing 0.5 kg. Pickupp will therefore charge the actual weight of 1.5 kg (to the nearest 0.5 kg). The fee of International Express = HK$227 (First 0.5 KG) + HK$98 (Remaining 1KG) = HK$325 5. International leg will be arranged and credits will be deducted from your account. The tracking number and account balance will be updated by email after we receive your parcel(s).

Pickupp's International Delivery Services Helps to Ease the Return for Overseas Goods

Online shopping is convenient, but it's also easy to buy products that are not to your liking. If you want to return an item as quickly as possible, but wish to avoid the high price and long delivery times, Pickupp's International Express service is just what you need. With international shipping starting at as low as HK$150 per item, you can get your item to the seller in as little as 3 days. We also support up to 200 countries and regions, so you can easily exchange your unwanted item. Please note that in addition to the Pickupp Delivery service, Amazon also offers an official international return method with DHL Express, which is free of charge. Customers can simply apply for a return on the Amazon website, print out a Return Mailing Label, then contact DHL to arrange for receipt of the package. Otherwise, you can drop the package off at a nearby DHL location , so you can choose a delivery service provider according to your needs.