How Pickupp Can Maximize Fleet Efficiency & Revenue Potential

Dec 7, 2023 7:00 AM

Pickupp SaaS

Managing Complex Logistics Made Simple

Coordinating vast data streams and optimizing fleet utilization poses major challenges. Pickupp transforms this through a single integrated platform providing visibility of metrics like locations, loads, and deliveries in real-time. Data-driven analytics and reporting empower efficient optimization.

As a leading third-party logistics provider in Asia Pacific with an extensive network, Pickupp uniquely acts as your single logistics control tower. Through our platform, you gain oversight and coordination across your own fleet, overflow fulfilled by our fulfillment and last-mile teams, and additional partners.

FMS_Dashboard Concept

Peak/Off-Peak Revenue Optimization

Our two-way integration allows overflow absorption by Pickupp during peak seasons. Meanwhile, low seasons are optimized via attractive jobs to fleets from our booming marketplace. This maintains driver income while fleet assets generate revenue year-round through our hybrid solutions.

Transparency and Control at Your Fingertips

Live tracking, automated dispatch saving 70% assignment time, and real-time proof of deliveries provide fleet control. Excess demand is seamlessly absorbed whilst additional driver income streams are planned through seamless system integration.

Sustainable Logistics for a Greener Future

At Pickupp, we're committed to reducing our environmental impact through innovative solutions. Our shared transportation network leverages walkers and low-emission electric vehicles to complete deliveries, significantly lowering carbon emissions compared to individual trips. Moreover, Pickupp offers fleet-wide carbon footprint report complying with the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework.

Case Study: Junandas Bakery

Junandas faced difficulties managing seasonal demand surges. Leveraging Pickupp, they coordinated overflow fulfillment while maintaining service levels. Live monitoring tools added transparency.

Committed to Supply Chain Sustainability

At Pickupp, we believe sustainable practices should be at the core of our logistics operations. We voluntarily participated in EcoVadis' prestigious sustainability rating assessment - a rigorous evaluation of our Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement practices.As a medium-sized company assessed across all regions, we are proud to have earned an Above-Average rating amongst our Asian-Pacific sector peers. This demonstrates our firm commitment to continuously enhancing sustainability performance through initiatives.

To further discuss customized solutions leveraging Pickupp's unparalleled logistics expertise and network as both a software provider and operating asset-light fulfillment across Asia Pacific, book a Sales Rep call today.