【Gmarket Return/Refund Tutorial】Returning Goods to Korea via Pickupp International Delivery Services

Apr 27, 2023 7:55 PM

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【Gmarket Return/Refund Tutorial】Returning Goods to Korea via Pickupp International Delivery Services

If you're a fan of Korean fashion or love online shopping, you've probably heard of Gmarket, a subsidiary of "eBay". It's the largest comprehensive shopping website in Korea, and you can find everything from clothes and daily necessities to popular Korean cosmetics and celebrity merchandise. But what happens if you need to return or refund a product? It can be a bit confusing, especially if you're not familiar with the process. Luckily, Pickupp is here to help! In this article, we'll guide you through the return and refund process, and introduce you to our international courier service that makes overseas returns a breeze.

Gmarket's Online Return Tutorial:

1. Log in to your account and navigate to the personal order interface. 2. Select the item you want to cancel and click "Enter". 3. Confirm that the canceled order item and payment information are correct, then click "Next". 4. If you paid with cash, the system will refund it to your Smile Cash within 3 days. If you paid with a credit card, complete the next steps to receive an immediate refund. 5. Confirm the items and amount of the order purchased with a credit card. 6. Fill in the credit card information you used when purchasing again according to system prompts. Click "Confirm Refund Instructions". This cannot be changed after confirmation. 7. Wait for Gmarket customer service and the system to confirm and accept the refund. You will receive a refund notification from Gmarket after they cancel the order and complete the refund.
The information above is the refund process before the order is shipped. If your order has not been shipped, the refund process is immediate upon cancellation. However, if the order has been shipped, you will need to initiate the return process: 8. To apply for an online refund, you must first complete the return process. Reach out to the Gmarket seller and their Customer Service Center at global@gmarket.co.kr (if it's urgent, indicate so). Prepare the following information and images as proof: - EMS invoice on the package - Barcode sticker - Product label (with the product name and information) - Shipment list from the store - Photos proving wrong or defective products 9. After the seller and customer service confirm and agree to the return, the seller will provide you with information such as the recipient, address, and contact phone number. You must send the item out based on the specific situation. Once the return process is accepted, you can submit a refund application through your personal order interface. **Please note that Gmarket's customer service center operates from 9am to 6pm on weekdays. Due to a high volume of inquiries, customer service representatives will respond to users in order and guide them through the return process. However, the timeliness of returns and refunds is not guaranteed.

Pickupp International Delivery Service is here to help!

If you're finding the Gmarket return and refund process to be too complex, don't worry - Pickupp's international courier service can help you with your overseas returns. Pickupp can simplify the complicated overseas return process and get your goods delivered as quickly as 3 days, covering up to 200 countries and regions.

How to Use Pickupp's International Delivery Service for Gmarket Returns

Steps: 1. Create an account on hk.pickupp.io and add credits. 2. Select "Orders" and create an international order. Fill in the shipping form provided by Pickupp and write the return information sent by Gmarket customer service via email on the goods. Make sure to confirm the recipient's information when communicating with the seller and Gmarket customer service. 3. Drop your parcels off at a Pickupp service point , bringing the paper commercial invoice (at least 3 pages in English) with you. 4. Parcel rates will be confirmed upon arrival at our warehouse. We calculate the actual weight and volume weight of the goods when measuring the delivery price. When calculating the volume weight, Pickupp divides the length x width x height of the goods by 5,000. Your charge will be based on the heavier weight of the two. Example: Customer A needs to return a 1.3 kg package to South Korea, measuring 10 X 10 X 5 cm and weighing 0.5 kg. Pickupp will charge the actual weight of 1.5 kg (to the nearest 0.5 kg). The fee of International Express = HK$162 (First 0.5 KG) + HK$36 (Remaining 1KG) = HK$198. 5. International leg will be arranged and credits will be deducted from your account. The tracking number and account balance will be updated by email after we receive your parcel(s).
With Pickupp's international express service, you don't have to worry about weight limits, and you can be sure that your packages will be delivered on time. The service offers transparent pricing and favorable rates, making it easy for you to manage multiple orders that require refunds. Say goodbye to complicated return processes and hello to hassle-free returns with Pickupp. Sign up now to learn more and experience the convenience of our international courier service.