[Pickupp x Nutrition Kitchen] Streamlined Pick-Pack Cuts Cost by 50%

Jun 9, 2023 9:10 PM

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[Pickupp x Nutrition Kitchen] Streamlined Pick-Pack Cuts Cost by 50%

Nutrition Kitchen is a Hong Kong-based meal plan company that offers healthy and customisable meal options tailored to specific dietary needs and goals, delivered directly to customers' doors.
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What difficulties are Nutrition Kitchen facing?

Nutrition Kitchen struggled with managing its pick and pack process of various meal types each morning. The company needed to ensure that fresh meals were sorted and labeled correctly for delivery as early as 6 am, while maintaining high standards of quality and customer service.
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Solutions provided by Pickupp

Same-day fulfillment at an affordable cost

With Pickupp as a logistics consultant, Nutrition Kitchen was able to streamline its pick and pack process and optimise its operations flow through the use of technology and best practices. As a result, the company conducted the pick and pack, sorting, and labelling processes more efficiently, with high accuracy. Following the adoption of the new logistics flow, Nutrition Kitchen achieved significant cost and manpower savings of up to 50%, while also improving customer satisfaction due to a more seamless and flawless experience.

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