Have a Shopify Store? Integrate it with FREE Pickupp Delivery Plugin now

Nov 24, 2020 7:29 PM

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Have a Shopify Store? Integrate it with FREE Pickupp Delivery Plugin now

Do you have a store with Shopify? Or are you thinking of creating your own online store with Shopify but are wondering if they've suitable delivery options?

A delivery plugin would be one of the most important Shopify apps you need to use before you activate your e-commerce store. Instead of having to upload your orders manually or liaise separately with another courier delivery partner, a delivery plugin that is fully integrated with Shopify allows you to select the orders you wish to send for delivery directly, without having to re-upload your customer's details, saving you much time! Pickupp plugin on Shopify is now LIVE on Shopify App Store and you can install it for FREE!

Connect your Shopify store to Pickupp

Now that the Pickupp plugin is fully integrated with Shopify, all Shopify store owners who links their store with Pickupp are able to access your digital dashboard and its full suite of technology-enabled delivery features: ✓ Bulk upload up to 1,000 delivery orders with 1 click ✓ Real-time GPS tracking ✓ Triple delivery proof to secure your shipments: E-signature, Photo, Real-time GPS

Link your Shopify Store with Pickupp's Delivery Dashboard

After logging in to Pickupp, you'll receive access to our digital dashboard. Simply click on the “Shopify” tab and link your store! In doing so, you can receive full access to your Shopify orders whenever you visit the “Shopify” tab on our digital dashboard.

How to place orders directly on the Shopify Admin page?

Alternatively, if you do not wish to leave the Shopify page to send delivery orders, you can always place orders directly on the Shopify Admin page.

From the Shopify Admin page, click on the “Orders” tab and select the particular order that you would like to send with Pickupp. On the order details page, click the dropdown list “More actions” and select “Send with Pickupp”.
After that, you will be brought to a delivery order creation form, where you can enter additional relevant information for this delivery, such as pick up & drop off information, item details, notes to delivery agents, etc. Click “Submit” once delivery information is complete.
Congratulations! You have successfully scheduled a delivery for your Shopify order! Don’t forget to attach the QR code/Pickupp order number on your parcel and track your delivery status on the link provided. The activity log of this order will be shown on “Timeline”.

Recommended Settings for an Optimised User Experience

We recommend the following settings on the checkout form to optimise your usage of the Pickupp delivery plugin and your customers' experience at the store! Settings on the checkout form can be found at Shopify Admin Page > Settings > Checkout (1) Specify ‘Address line 2’ and ‘Shipping address phone number’ to ‘Required’ The key to a reliable delivery is to get the most detailed and accurate address information from customers. Having a channel to reach out and confirm shipping address details is always a good practice. (2) Do not automatically fulfill any of the order’s line items Since the orders will be fulfilled through Pickupp Delivery Service, the app will auto create fulfillment on orders that has not been delivered. (3) Enable address autocomplete Enabling this option will utilise Google auto-complete on Shipping address line 1 in checkout form. This will ensure address input from customers are accurate and recognisable for repeated purchases. Any Questions? New to Pickupp and not sure how you can sign up for an account with us? Leave us your details and we are happy to assist!