【Pickupp Delivers Success】Pickupp x Pacha | Providing Care to Customers with One-stop Service

Aug 25, 2022 7:17 PM

Success Story
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【Pickupp Delivers Success】 Providing Care to Customers with One-stop Service

Pacha is a start-up brand focusing on organic and eco-friendly feminine hygiene products. They've always been committed to providing women with high-quality and comfortable sanitary pads, aiming to promote public attention to women’s health. As a newly established company, Pacha has been favored by many female customers and the industry’s attention. Keep on reading to learn more about Pacha and how Pickupp assists them to boost business efficiency!

The Story of Pacha

Pacha’s story began by coincidence. Michelle, the founder, was originally a lawyer. She met a female street beggar by chance, who was asking people to lend her money in order to buy sanitary pads. Michelle was taken aback and touched by this experience. She had a strong feeling that women’s physical health and demands deserved more attention than they did in Hong Kong. Many foreign countries solve women's physical needs by offering free sanitary supplies in public areas. With this in mind, she decided to launch a business to offer the best quality sanitary products for women in the city, and call on the public to pay more attention to women’s health.

A New Path for Sanitary Pads

As a woman, Michelle resonates with every woman's needs. Despite meeting basic needs, she points out that there is still a lot of room for improvements in terms of the ease and sustainability of sanitary pads. Aiming to bring the most comfortable and natural care to customers, Michelle utilizes degradable and natural ingredients to replace unnecessary irritating dyes, fragrances, and other chemicals traditionally used.

Reliable Logistics Play a Crucial Role

For small emerging companies like Pacha, the importance of finding a reliable logistics partner is unparalleled. Michelle compared Pacha to a machine and Pickupp’s reliable logistics service to a lubricant—without Pickupp, her business would never run so smoothly and efficiently. Pickupp acts in a crucial role to build a reliable connection between Pacha and its clients and business partners. Michelle claimed that after using Pickupp's services, delivery delays and excessive orders are no longer a headache. Pickupp’s same-day and next-day delivery services allow the business to solve arising problems and urgent needs professionally.

Micro-fulfillment Drives Business Efficiency

Considering the particularity of products and costs, Michelle had been looking for micro-fulfillment service to improve Pacha’s business efficiency. Compared to large-scale fulfillment center, a micro-fulfillment center allows users to optimize delivery time and cost by adopting compact but highly-automatic facilities. After using Pickupp’ one-stop fulfillment service, Michelle and her team no longer need to spend time on dealing with sophisticated logistics procedures. Pickupp takes responsibility for product inbound, outbound and delivery, allowing them to improve delivery efficiency and service quality. Due to the particularity of feminine hygiene products, Michelle also pointed out that Pickupp's one-stop fulfillment services have significantly improved their business efficiency. With cleanliness and hygiene as primary concerns, the highly sanitary storage conditions guarantee zero bacteria and zero pollution, therefore ticking Michelle's checkboxes. Michelle also expressed her strong interest in more cooperation with Pickupp in the near future. In recent years, Pickupp has gradually expanded its business to the Southeast Asian market and launched an international delivery service. With Pickupp’s assistance, Michelle feels more encouraged to develop Pacha’s business and to increase public attention to women’s health in a wider scope. If you're interested to learn more about Pickupp's services, take a minute or two to register as our business user. Let us help you take your business to the next level!