[Pickupp x The Store] Business Class Service at Economy Price 

Jun 9, 2023 9:10 PM

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[Pickupp x The Store] Business Class Service at Economy Price 

The Store is an online retailer that brings the world's best vitamins, superfoods, skincare, organic groceries, and sports supplements to Asia, all at affordable prices.

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The Challenge

Demand for Faster Delivery and Balancing Cost-Effective Services at The Store

The demand for faster delivery has become increasingly important for online retailers like The Store. Delivering products on the same day is a major challenge, and trying to manage the logistics in-house can be time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, The Store needed to offer premium delivery services to its customers while maintaining competitive pricing, which was a difficult balance to strike. These challenges made it clear that The Store needed a solution to streamline their logistics and provide efficient and cost-effective delivery services.
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The Solution

Same-day fulfillment at an affordable cost

The Store partnered with Pickupp for its logistics needs. Pickupp offers a same-day fulfillment service that ensures that online purchases made before 2 pm are delivered on the same day. This is made possible by utilising Pickupp's 70+ satellite warehouse network to store hero products closer to the end consumers so cost and transit times can be reduced. It improves customer satisfaction, as customers can receive their purchases on the same day, which is a major competitive advantage for The Store. What sets Pickupp apart is its ability to offer premium service at an affordable price. By utilizing Pickupp's services, The Store can maintain its competitive pricing while providing its customers with a top-notch delivery experience. This not only helps to retain existing customers but also attracts new ones.

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