How to Drive Sales with Instagram Product Tag

Feb 18, 2022 5:51 PM

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How to Drive Sales with Instagram Product Tag

An increasing number of brands have been applying Product Tags to their posts on social platforms. This feature allows e-commerce merchants to create shoppable posts and attract more customers to visit their shop. What is a 'product tag', and how do you utilise it to increase sales?

What is a Product Tag?

Many social media giants have introduced product tags, which allow merchants to tag the name and the price of the product(s) on their social posts. Users no longer need to go through the whole rigamarole of visiting a merchant’s profile, finding their shop link in the biography, and switching from Instagram to the website to browse products. Now they can simply click on a product tag on the photo and be directed to the website straight away. This new type of strategy is called 'Product Tag Marketing'. Some of the advantages for merchants are increasing clickthrough rates to websites and boosting product exposure. As for customers, they get to enjoy a more simplified purchasing process, which significantly accelerates their decision-making.

How to Use the Product Tag Function

One of the most well-known and widely-used platforms with product tagging is Instagram. Let's use Instagram as an example to explain the process of applying product tags to your post. Firstly, ensure your Instagram account is a 'business account' and that you have activated the Instagram Shopping Function.
To add product tags to your 'posts', open the tagging menu by tapping 'tag products'. Proceed to tap on your photo and select the relevant product you would like to add as a tag.
If you would like to add product tags to your 'story', tap the sticker tray icon and select the product tag sticker. Next, select the relevant product and drag the sticker to your desired place to finish product tagging.
When you have multiple product tags applied, remember to leave enough space between them. Otherwise, overlapped product tags will lead to customers struggling to tap on their product of interest. In addition to posting content with product tags on your own brand Instagram account, you can also invite KOLs to become a spokesperson for your brand and allow them to tag your products in their posts. It will help increase brand exposure and reach!

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