Complete the Perfect Valentine's Day with Pickupp's Same Day Delivery Service

Feb 4, 2022 5:51 PM

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Complete the Perfect Valentine's Day with Pickupp's Same Day Delivery Service

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and finding the ideal gift for a loved one is not even the trickiest part. Getting gifts delivered in a timely manner is! If you want to avoid shattering your customers’ romantic plans due to logistics problems, read more to learn how Pickupp can assist your business to meet the urgent needs of customers!

Reliable Delivery Service That Fulfil Promises

One of our regular clients at Pickupp is Karen, an owner of an Instagram flower shop. She claims that Valentine’s Day has always been the most challenging day for her, but Pickupp’s same-day delivery service has constantly assisted her to cope with overwhelming orders on the special ocassion. “I’m always snowed under with the preparation and packaging of flowers. Dealing with logistic stuff at the same time? That's really another huge burden for me.” In the past, Karen didn’t consider cooperating with a reliable logistic service provider as she wanted to save costs. However, there was a time when Karen had once failed to send flowers on time to a customer, therefore ruining his romantic plans on Valentine's day. She felt guilty about it and decided to try Pickupp's delivery service. Thankfully, she no longer has to worry about the logistic issues after using the same-day delivery service. “Just with a simple tap on the App, I can handle multiple large orders punctually, even during the peak season. My customers can now enjoy the reliable and accurate delivery experience on their big days.” Karen shares her appreciation for Pickupp’s 4-hour on-demand delivery service, which allows her to meet consumer needs professionally. The same-day delivery option has successfully boosted her service quality and attracted more customers.

Let Romance Be On Time! Select Pickupp's 4-Hour On-Demand Delivery Service starting at only HK$36

Unsure of dealing with overwhelming orders during peak season? Don’t want to affect your service quality due to logistics delays on big days? Choose Pickupp’s same-day delivery service now, to build the perfect delivery experience! Pickupp offers transparent, reliable and fast delivery options with no extra charge, even on holidays. Simply place your order through our website, fuss-free, and your items will be delivered to your customer within 4 hours. Sign up for a business account and place your orders before 10 February, in order to enjoy our express delivery service!