Three ways to help you reduce online store logistics costs

Aug 30, 2022 5:51 PM

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Three ways to help you reduce online store logistics costs

The advantage of operating an online store when compared to a physical store is that businesses can save high store rents and manpower costs. However, what comes with it is the logistics cost of delivering products to customers. As one of the unavoidable expenditures, how can online stores minimise logistics costs most appropriately?

Method 1: Cloud inventory management system

A modern inventory management system is essential to the development of online stores. If a business is still relying on a backward inventory management system, such as using Excel to record inventory, it may struggle to cope with the increasing orders and hinder future expansions. A cloud inventory management system allows you to upload inventory records to the cloud, which displays the real-time inventory status of the online store, making the store more effortless to manage. Not only will it aid the future development of the online store, but it also reduces the risk of delivery delays, therefore avoiding additional logistics costs.

Method 2: Provide more sales channels

In addition to selling products via online stores and/or social media, businesses can also expand their sales channels with the use of other platforms, such as, and more. Expanding sales channels will also help to increase brand awareness, product exposure, reach more potential customers, improve business opportunities, and reduce the proportion of logistics costs in revenue. Besides the platforms mentioned above, you can also consider joining Shop On Pickupp, eCommerce platform to become a partner merchant. It is not a requirement to pay a shelf fee and also has a one-stop online store sales and delivery service for your online business to provide more sales channels.

Method 3: One-stop logistics service

For online stores, setting up a logistics team is costly and requires a lot of investment to develop. Many difficulties may also be encountered due to a lack of familiarity with the logistics ecology. Thus, online stores can use a third-party one-stop logistics service platform. Not only does it provide customers with professional logistics services, to ensure the best shopping experience but it also provides storage and management services, allowing the online store to save a substantial amount of logistics costs. As a smart logistics company, Pickupp provides one-stop warehousing services for online stores, helps clients solve complicated inventory issues, shipping and delivery procedures, and also supplies customised online store management logistics solutions to help businesses plan orders and deploy resources more professionally and reasonably. Therefore, it can help you reduce the logistics cost of your online store. Furthermore, Pickupp provides safe and timely delivery service, as well as instant customer service, both of which will solve any unforeseen problems quickly and improve customer satisfaction. If you are also interested in reducing the logistics cost of the online store, register below now!