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Door-to-Door Parcel Delivery Service in Hong Kong

How Does Our Next Day Delivery Work?

Parcel Delivery Service HK
Create your orders at least 1 day in advance and Pickupp will collect your parcels from your doorstep, store it at our warehouse and have it delivered to your customer’s doorstep the following day and the next 2-3 days.

Save 33% on Shipping Costs

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Pickupp offers same-day and next-day delivery services at a low cost of $27, which is only half the cost of other delivery service providers.

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Merchant FAQ

New Standard Delivery Service Provided by Pickupp Service Partners

Welcome to the new standard delivery service provided by Pickupp service partners. You can choose different Pickupp service partner to provide you with the service (subject to the options available on the order creation page). Here are some usage tips for your reference:

1. Please stick Pickupp waybill on the parcels.

2. Please refer to the service partner’s website for specific arrangements and terms and conditions of the service. The service partner may change the relevant arrangements and terms and conditions at any time.

3. The service availability is subject to the announcements on the service partner’s official website and actual circumstances.

4. You can arrange for collection service by contacting the service partner hotline, and it is recommended to make the arrangement as early as possible and at least 4 hours before your target pick-up time.

5. The service partner may change the pick-up service arrangements and charges at any time.

6. You can check the order status updates provided by the service provider through the Pickupp merchant app.

7. You can inquire about more delivery status details or make changes to the delivery arrangements (which may involve additional fees) through the service partner hotline.

8. Any specific arrangements for receiving, delivering, and returning are subject to the service partner’s arrangements.

9. Incorrect dimension or weight, changing the delivery address, returning parcels to the merchant, and overdue pick-up may result in additional fees, and the equivalent fees will be reflected in your account wallet or monthly statement.

10. Multiparcel, Delivery Notes Collection and Cash on Delivery services are not available.

11. The actual chargeable weight and dimension is based on the measurement data provided by the service provider upon receipt at their warehouse.

12. Only wallet balance payment is accepted for bulk order uploads.

How does Pickupp charge me?

The cost of each delivery depends on distance, parcel weight, dimension, starting from HK$40 per delivery. You can choose to save your credit card on our system, reducing the hassle in placing orders. To get a quote now, please click here. Please ensure you have submitted the correct weight and dimensions during order creation. Our Delivery Agents shall cross check the weight and dimensions of your package upon collection. If the dimension of the parcel does not match with the delivery order details, our delivery agents might notify Pickupp for order cancellation (a transaction fee will be charged, which is 50% of the delivery fee).

Size/ WeightPrice (HK$)
W+L+H <120cm, ≤ 5kgfrom $40
W+L+H <120cm, ≤ 10kgfrom $60
W+L+H <150cm, ≤ 15kgfrom $100
W+L+H <150cm, ≤ 20kgfrom $120

How is Pickupp different from other deliveries?

Pickupp delivers anything, anytime you want at a fraction of the cost. Pickupp does not restrict delivery time and location and share idle logistic manpower to bring down your delivery costs. Pickupp also provides real-time GPS tracking on all orders, allowing both sender and recipient to track the order 24/7.

Can I create orders anytime? What are Pickupp's operating hours?

Our app and online portal works 24/7. You can place an order on Pickupp User App or online portal anytime but they will only be delivered within your chosen hours between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m, our operating hours.

Who can I contact for help?

If you’d like to reach out for any inquiries, simply click here link for a live chat. Our CS office hours are from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Can Pickupp do advanced booking or keep parcel overnight for the next day delivery?

We do allow prescheduling (up to next day). However, pickup and drop off must happen on the same day.

Are there any limitations with weight and dimension of the packages?

All packages should fit into the size of a box in the dimensions of W+H+L <= 150cm, 20 kg max. Packages that exceed the weight limit of 20 kg may not be handled or delivered. Please let our sales associate know if you require special assistance with oversized or overweight deliveries, we will be glad to assist further.

How safe is my package? Can I track my package?

Pickupp ensures our delivery agents are your trusted delivery partners. Apart from delivery trainings we provide, all delivery agents need to pass criminal background checks and provide identity documents and proof of address. Pickupp also insures your delivery items up to HK$1000 per order. Merchants and recipients can now track the exact location of delivery agents by inputting the order number on this Tracking Page.

Do we handle fragile items and irregular sized packages?

In case of delivering fragile or irregular sized packages, we strongly encourage merchants to mark the package as “Fragile & Handle with Care” in the note section and reinforce the box to minimise any risk of breakage. Our delivery agents will take special care to ensure the packages are delivered without damage. In the event of any breakage, Pickupp also insures your delivery items up to HK$1000 (for non-perishable items).

When will you pick up my order? What is the pick up process? Can I cancel my order?

When an order request is filed we assume it’s ready for pick up and will dispatch the closest delivery agent immediately. To ensure the safety of the parcel, delivery agents will now need to scan the QR code or enter the unique order passcode upon arrival at pick-up point before they can begin the delivery process. Merchants will need to print and attach to your package an individual invoice with QR code or write down on your package the order number and unique passcode, in order to let our delivery agents start their delivery. If merchants have issues with printing the QR code, you can also use the Merchant Master QR Code as an activation (Merchant Master QR Code will be charged HK$5 transaction fee).​ 50% of delivery fee will be charged if merchants cancel the delivery order after the agent has accepted the request or failed to collect the package at the pick up location.