Quick Guide to Pack Your Parcels

Tips for packing and shipping your goods efficiently



After placing your order, pack your items in proper packaging materials and include protective wraps. Seal your parcel with strong adhesive tapes.


Print and attach your waybill on the top of the parcel. Ensure the details are accurately and clearly labelled to ensure smooth deliveries.


Pickupp delivery agents will collect your parcel at your doorstep (Next-day MOQ: 10) or you may drop-off your parcels at any Pickupp Service Points.

For Small Items

- Use polymailer, envelope or padded envelope for non-fragile items

For Bulky Items

- Use strong corrugated or carton boxes - Fill up any empty spaces i.e. with paper, bubble-wraps etc

Packaging Guidelines

- Do not use weak/damaged boxes - Label & bubble-wrapped fragile items - All packaging should be tight and snug - Always seal your package securely

Print and attach your waybill on the parcel

Pack and Label Your Parcel

  • Sealed the outer box with H-type stickers
  • Remove any old/additional waybills
  • Attach the new waybill firmly on the parcel
  • Pickupp Packaging Guideline Q&A

    How to check the order number?

    The order numbers are all 16-digit English numbers starting with "PU". Please log in to the Pickupp platform and click [All Orders] to see the order information. Please provide this order number to the delivery agent or customer service team. *For all logistics delivery orders, the "Waybill" must be printed and pasted on the outer packaging of the package.

    How to print the waybill?

    Login to Pickupp Platform Click "All Orders" in the left tab, check the order you want to send, click "Print" at the top → select "Shipment" → "Print Selected", it will switch to the download output The page of the delivery slip is printed and pasted on the top of the box, which is more convenient for the delivery agent to receive the package!

    How can reduce parcel damage?

    It can use wrapping paper, and the outer box is sealed with H-type stickers to ensure that the goods are not exposed and reduce the chance of damage to the goods

    Items not accepted by Pickupp

    Pickupp may refuse acceptance of transport of packages or delivery items if any of the following cases applies: 1. the sender’s request does not comply with our Terms of Service; 2. the sender fails to enter a valid address and other required fields that are recognisable by the Pickupp system; 3. the package or item is not suitable for transport; 4. the transport may violate laws and regulations; or is detrimental to public order, or injurious to public morals; 5. the package or item are of the following items: 5.1 explosives or other hazardous materials or any similar packages that are likely to cause damage to other packages; 5.2 packages specifically determined by Pickupp to be unacceptable, including but not limited to combustible, inflammable, poisonous and toxic materials, livestocks, dogs, cats, little birds, guns and swords etc.