Pickupp x IWG | Members Delivery Offer

Pickupp x IWG | Members Delivery Offer

New users can enjoy 30% off first 3 orders now, enter the promo code: IWGHK

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Pickupp x IWG | 30% off first 3 delivery orders

Pickupp x IWG | 30% off first 3 delivery orders

• Enjoy 30% off upon creating the first 3 delivery order by entering promo code "IWGHK" capped at HK$30 per order. • To enjoy this offer, you must sign up by filling in the "Business Referral" blank as IWG, SPACES or Regus . •Enter the promo code in your wallet prior to creating a delivery order.

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Terms and Conditions

- To be eligible for the promotion, users are required to fill in the business referral as "IWG, SPACES or Regus" when signing up - The Offers are valid from 1 Dec 2022 - 28 Feb 2023, both dates inclusive. - The Offers are only valid for first-time Pickupp users only. - Welcome offers cannot be used in conjunction with other discount or promotional offers. (Except pricing plan rebate promotion) - Welcome offers are applicable to Pickupp customers in Hong Kong only. - All photos and product details relating to the Offers are for reference only. - Promotion may change, be removed, or updated at any time and without prior notice. - The products and services offered under this Promotion are provided solely by HK PICK-UP LIMITED, under such terms and conditions as determined by HK PICK-UP LIMITED, and IWG accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with such products and services. - HK PICK-UP LIMITED accepts no liability for the quality of or any other matters relating to the food, products and services provided by the Participating Merchants. The Participating Merchants are solely responsible for all obligations and liabilities relating to the food, products and services on offers. - HK PICK-UP LIMITED reserves the right to stop these promo codes to be used on certain stores without prior notice. In the event of matters or disputes, the decision of HK PICK-UP LIMITED shall be final. - Minimum 10 orders per bulk collection. An administrative fee of HKD 100 (per collection) applies if the minimum order is not met. (Self Drop off is available with no minimum order quantity) - The merchants are responsible for packing the parcels. The highest compensation amount will be $500 if the parcels are damaged during the delivery. - The Shipment is classified as fragile, valuable, hazardous, dangerous, unlawful or prohibited materials/goods/articles by applicable laws or regulations, or Pickupp believes that such Shipment cannot be arranged and/or carried legally or safely, including but not limited to arms, ammunitions, gunpowder, salt-petre, petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas, butane gas, kerosene, other explosive or combustible substance, dangerous drugs, human corpses or organs, animals in whole or in parts, blood, urine and other specimens containing infectious substances, currency, counterfeit goods, precious metals and stones etc. - About terms and conditions of Pickupp pricing plan promotion, please read the website in detail: https://hk.pickupp.io/en/pricing-plan-promotion-terms-of-service - About other terms and conditions of Pickupp, please read the website in detail: https://hk.pickupp.io/terms-of-service