【Pickupp International Delivery Service】Send your love anywhere around the world

May 3, 2022 11:00 PM

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【Pickupp International Delivery Service】Send your love anywhere around the world

Not only has the outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted the travel plans of many Hongkongers, but it's also affected international students and office workers living overseas from returning home during the festival. Parcels to friends and relatives have been impacted by the disruption of global logistics, bringing inconvenience to their lives and missed opportunities to convey thoughts and concerns to loved ones. Pickupp international delivery service meets the needs of many users, who can feel loved even when they are in a different place.

Pickupp International Express solves various needs

The restrictions of global transportation and logistics has and still continues to separate many long-distance couples. For example, Karen met Alan in the UK while studying and started a long-distance relationship. On days when they can't see each other, they send romantic surprises to one another. However, since the outbreak of the epidemic, they've encountered many difficulties such as failing to deliver the customized gift after three months.
"I have searched many logistics companies. Some of them are too expensive, and some have a very long delivery time. I finally found a courier company that seems to have a faster delivery speed, but it has a weight limit. I was preparing for a surprise, but my plan was ruined because of the epidemic." Karen said helplessly. Fortunately, she discovered the Pickupp international express service by chance, which can deliver goods safely and reliably abroad in as fast as 3 days. The price is also more affordable than other logistics companies, so she no longer needs to worry about the high postage costs and items not arriving in time.

Use Pickupp International Delivery Service to relieve the troubles caused by the epidemic

Want to send a surprise gift to your family, friends, or significant other abroad during the pandemic? Use Pickupp's International Express Service! Place an order in three simple steps, sit tight and wait for your thoughtful gifts to arrive in a reliable and timely manner! The International Express Service supports 200 countries and regions with unlimited weight for goods. Furthermore, the International Postal Service can send goods within 2kg, meeting your shipping needs at a preferential price. Interested in using our services? Register now as our user to learn more!