[New Market Trends] Baby Product Stores After the Epidemic

Sep 10, 2021 7:00 PM

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[2021 New Market Trends] Baby Product Stores After the Epidemic

Under the influence of the epidemic, new parents during this period hoped to purchase high quality baby products in a simple and convenient way, giving their infants the best care. Due to social distancing restrictions, online shopping for baby products in Hong Kong has boomed.
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Customer needs of this new generation

The purchasing habits of this generation’s new parents are similar to the youth, as seen in the rise of online shopping - which has doubled. However in the case for the parents, the focus is on buying basic baby items: milk powder, diapers, hygiene and nutrition products. Compared to the older generation, new parents are more attentive to the health of their children. For example, when buying baby food they look at more than just the cost or taste, they also look at the ingredients ensuring that it’s natural and preservative free. In recent years, breastfeeding has become more popular for the healthy growth and development of infants. As a result of this, there are products for mothers as well: breastfeeding pumps, nipple moisturising cream and other related mother and baby products for newborns which are favoured by consumers. Imported goods are in high demand with customers purchasing baby strollers from Europe or the United States and baby clothing from Japan. Many baby products online shops have also emerged on the market to meet the diverse needs of consumers. For example, Baby Kingdom Mall provides consumers with high-quality baby products around the world, allowing customers to easily shop online even they are at home. Catering to the demand, Hong Kong also has a lot of baby expos each year and offers international high-quality baby products for consumers to choose from.

Online shopping surpasses other purchasing methods

People in Hong Kong who are busy at work and searching for convenience, would rarely spend a whole day visiting baby stores. For pregnant or postpartum mothers it would be inconvenient and difficult for them to shop for products and carry the large baby products home. For these reasons, online shopping has increasingly become more popular. There are many baby product stores in Hong Kong that specialise in local and imported baby products available online and for wholesale. Both merchants and consumers can easily find their favourite products from these stores. Customers who purchase in bulk can buy directly online, saving them time and effort from going to a physical store to select items. Due to the epidemic, individual consumers tend to socially distance and reduce contact with crowds for safety and comfort reasons while shopping. Online shopping for high quality baby products will continue to be the first choice for new and future parents. The market for baby care products will become increasingly mature. If you haven’t established an online store yet, you may wish to refer to this article to understand the 4 key points which uncovers what to consider for an online store, opening up a new channel of customers!
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Smart logistics for an enhanced online shopping experience

Finding reliable and high quality supplies, maintaining diverse stock for baby product stores online is no longer a problem. The biggest challenge is delivering these baby care products safely and on time. As many maternity and baby items are large or expensive, such as strollers, high chairs, child potty etc, and many consumers buy a variety of products at one time of different sizes it can be damaged during transport if it’s not packed properly in the car or they don’t have the space to hold bulky items. Saving the customer time from picking up their order in person and worrying about how they will fit everything in their car or if it will get damaged during transport a third party delivery service can help resolve these issues. Whether you’re starting a new business or you’re an existing baby product store, you can consider Pickupp as your exclusive delivery partner! Since 2016, Pickupp has worked with over 20,000 merchants, some of which are local and international baby product suppliers. Pickupp provides flexible, diverse and technology-first logistics solutions. Regardless of the size of your business, we can provide quality and flexible delivery services to suit your needs at a reasonable price. For heavy goods, Pickupp organises door-to-door collection services, ensuring that items are delivered safely and on time to your customers. Our real-time GPS tracking system, allows you and your customers to check the status of your delivery, for a transparent and reliable shopping and delivery experience!