【2022 Double 11 Trend】 A one-stop logistics savior to organize fulfillment and delivery

Oct 1, 2022 12:05 AM

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【2022 Double 11 Trend】 A one-stop logistics savior to organize fulfillment and delivery

All online store owners must be busy organizing their inventory and special promotions since Double 11, the biggest shopping festival, is approaching fast. Preparations aside, have you thought about how to arrange the logistics of the orders that will be coming one after another? You can process orders for Double 11 effortlessly thanks to Pickupp's one-stop logistics services for clients and merchants.

Provide different logistics solutions to arrange order delivery with ease

Merchants can arrange the delivery time of various commodities in advance and choose to use different delivery services according to their promotional strategies. When sending general items, the business owner can also opt for next-day delivery, schedule a delivery appointment a few days in advance, and plan the delivery time in advance. In the face of urgent orders, merchants can choose the same-day delivery service, and deliver packages as fast as 2 hours. The delivery agents are professionally trained, and any type of goods can be delivered to customers in the most perfect condition. Pickupp offers over 500 self-pickup locations spread out around Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories. Customers can choose to send the package to the door, or pick up the package at the nearest self-pickup point at a more affordable price. Doing so will aid in the distribution and processing of orders and boost customer satisfaction.

One-stop fulfillment service

Dealing with the arrival of pre-ordered items, while unloading, packing, and shipping products as well as monitoring the online business, and responding to consumer inquiries keep a store owner very busy. Therefore choosing Pickupp's one-stop fulfillment service can relieve the worries of online shop owners. Pickupp will handle the warehousing and distribution of goods on one hand, so shop owners no longer need to spend energy on complicated online orders and warehousing procedures, thus improving product delivery and business efficiency to meet the different needs of customers.
In addition to the general one-stop fulfillment service, Pickupp also provides a micro-fulfillment service, considering the cost of the online store and the specificity of some products. Since Pickupp will deliver your package to the nearest warehouse to save time, online shop owners can use this service to handle urgent items during the Double 11 event and continue to track the location of the package in the logistics system after delivery. From now on, use the promo code [DOUBLE11] to enjoy a $100 shipping discount. The quota is limited to 100 customers. Register now to enjoy the discount!