How To Open a Flower Shop and Arrange Delivery!

Aug 4, 2021 7:00 PM

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How To Open a Flower Shop and Arrange Delivery !

Should I open a flower shop business in Hong Kong?

Due to sky high rental costs and living expenses in Hong Kong, many people don’t have the means to cover anything more than the bare essentials, let alone starting a successful business. Nevertheless, whether you already own or are about to open your flower shop business, you should consider the difficulties of running one.

1) Costs of running a flower shop

The first step is to analyse the feasibility of opening a flower shop from a cost perspective. You can categorise the expenses as below:
Cost of opening flower shop
Under the pandemic, there has been a decline in customers visiting physical stores. On the contrary, online stores have had a surge of traffic. In order to tap into this growing trend, owners should switch to running an online only store, which enables them to cut rental and renovation costs. With one less expense to worry about, owners can focus on maintaining the quality and delivery of their goods.

2) How to open a flower shop

After breaking down the costs of running a flower shop, you have to figure out how to make a profit from it. To help you with your business plan, below are a few steps to consider - understanding your target demographic, competitors and marketing strategy. First of all, you have to know who your target audience is. Are they energetic teenagers or the silver haired elderly? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and imagine their characteristics and how your product attracts them and fulfils their needs. Through this process, you will find the answer to your key demographic. Next, you have to think about your potential competitors. Are there already a few significant companies in the market? How can you make your goods better than theirs? Whether the solution is to provide better after-sales service, or to provide more choices, you have to define your unique selling point and differentiate your business from your competition. Furthermore, you have to decide on how you will operate your online platform. Due to the epidemic, since online competition is greater than ever, you should consider the quality of your goods, design a website promoting them and formulate a marketing strategy to occupy the market. Finally, how do you deliver the product to your customers? Is it delivered at the MTR station in person? Or will you use a logistics company? Selecting a quality delivery service provider is of the utmost importance.

3) Delivery options

Flowers are gorgeous, yet fragile - a slight bump in the road can cause irreversible damage. To avoid your bouquets from crumpling during transit, an efficient but safe logistics company should be chosen to partner with small flower shops. Outsourcing delivery to a trusted logistics company ensures that the flowers will be safely delivered and arrive on time even during peak events such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Providing comprehensive support, Pickupp offers point-to-point delivery service, with items to be delivered directly to the destination.With no cut off times, orders can be placed at any time and customers can trace their parcel with the 24-hour GPS shipment tracking service. If you plan to open a flower shop, you can consider working with a smart logistics team like Pickupp to provide transparent, fast and quality delivery service.