4 common mistakes online shop owners make, and how to fix them!

Mar 26, 2022 5:51 PM

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4 common mistakes online shop owners make, and how to fix them!

Opening an online store is a breeze nowadays. There are more opportunities for online stores, especially now with the ongoing pandemic. However, poor logistics management for online stores is the issue most owners face. With logistics acting as the bridge between online stores and customers, it's important to manage it well. Winning and retaining customers is no easy feat, so even a little carelessness can have a huge impact. There are many parts involved when it comes to logistics, and we're here to pinpoint the common errors and share several tips on how online shop owners can overcome the same mistakes in order to improve their business.

Mistake #1: Mistakes in handling orders, sending wrong or missing items

Small businesses may find it overwhelming when there is an overwhelming amount of orders to process. Products may be missing from orders, or the incorrect variation was packed. Commodities such as baby products, pet products, and fashion items usually have a wide variety and considerable weight. If they are delivered incorrectly, re-matching delivery resources will increase costs and the extra waiting time will also reduce customer satisfaction.
A solution to this is utilising a one-stop service by a third-party online store. It can assist store owners by managing multiple orders simultaneously, tracking orders and inventory in real-time, and reducing errors and omissions. Fully hosted shopping cart solutions such as Shopify and Boutir allow small business owners to handle orders efficiently.

Mistake #2: Poor inventory management, shortage of goods, and failure to deliver goods in time

Poor inventory management causes inefficiencies, especially during peak seasons when a large number of orders may emerge. If an online store fails to communicate with suppliers in a timely manner and has not prepared adequate inventory, it is likely that they will be out of stock and forced to extend delivery times. Goods like holiday gifts and perishable items like food are things that customers expect to receive quickly. Therefore, delays will cause serious credit problems and reduce customer confidence in the store.
Once again, the proper use of a third-party online store platform can help monitor inventory in real-time to help store owners manage orders and goods more systematically and comprehensively. Except for the platforms we mentioned above, alternatives such as Shopline and Shopage are also capable of offering advanced inventory monitoring system for business owners to have a better inventory management approach.

Mistake #3: The goods are damaged, returning or exchanging goods is difficult, and the after-sales service is poor

Damaged products and mis-shipments are an unfortunate but inevitable cost of doing business. Customers need convenient and reliable after-sales service to protect their rights as consumers, however, many online stores fail to deliver the help they hope to receive. For example, requesting customers to send the goods back at their own expense, or failing to process the customer’s refund request in a timely manner, results in delays, unnecessary disputes, unpleasant shopping experiences and possibly deciding to never purchase from the store again. Not only that, but complicated after-sales procedures will also increase the concerns for the store, such as needing to spend extra energy and bearing extra costs to deal with issues after-sales.
Overcome this mistake by making use of third-party logistics as the center of returns and exchanges. Allow reliable logistics companies to take care of complicated procedures, save the trouble, and focus on core business while maintaining good relationships with customers. Delivery companies such as Pickupp provide professional logistics services to secure high-quality and safe delivery process for your products.

Mistake #4: The sales scope is limited, and the products cannot be delivered to overseas regions

The emergence of online stores has broken the geographical and time constraints, allowing customers to buy their favorite products through worldwide online consumption. If a store wants to improve business performance, it should consider expanding the scope of sales and guarantee fast delivery time to stand out from the competitors. Contracting overseas delivery at own expense is quite high, and the store owner may need to bear the high risk and unnecessary losses of losing products with long delivery distances.
To solve this, the store owner should consider cooperating with a reliable logistics company. A professional third-party company will assist the store to provide high-quality overseas logistics service so as to attract more customers. Pickupp provides professional International Delivery Services to enable stores to deliver their products to overseas customers at a reasonable delivery cost.

Avoid these mistakes by choosing a reliable logistics company!

To avoid making the above mistakes, online store owners should consider choosing a reliable and professional third-party logistics company to assist in their inventory management, therefore boosting their business performance. As a smart logistics company, Pickupp not only assist customers to solve complex inventory and delivery process, it also provides customized logistics solutions for online store operations. With an aim to improve the business performance of these online stores, Pickupp committed to helping shop owners to manage mulitple orders and allocate resources more reasonably and professionaly. If you are interested in our service, sign up as a business account for free now!