The Ultimate Guide To Using Instagram Functions That'll Attract Customers To Shop

Jul 18, 2022 9:02 PM

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Ultimate Guide To Using Instagram Functions

The Ultimate Guide To Using Instagram Functions That'll Attract Customers To Shop

The appealing visual elements of Instagram can grab user attention within seconds, which is why many brands prefer Instagram as their main publicity platform. Let's take a dive into the Instagram functions that can increase your product exposure and lead your customers to shop directly. Shop owners can focus on the promotion of these aspects to attract more customers and increase business efficiency. Let’s see how they work!

3 Key Functions Guiding to Shop


#1: Video

One of the latest functions, Reels, allows users to create engaging short videos using music, special effects, and user-generated media. The key part is that it also includes the product tagging element. When viewing a video, a button with the text “Learn More” or “Shop Now” can pop up near the bottom, allowing users to order directly through the link. With a more convenient checkout procedure, customers can shop instantly. Read More: 【Latest Instagram Feature!】3 Benefits of Using Reels to Advertise Your Shop
Instagram Shopping

#2: Shopping Platform

Instagram Shopping is a set of features enabling users to easily shop a brand's photos and videos across the platform. Shop owners can build their online shop on Instagram and tag their products in posts. It allows users to find the product and checkout on Instagram hassle-free. The explore page of Instagram Shop can also help to increase the product visibility and promote brand awareness.
Instagram other functions

#3: Other Functions

There are interactive elements in Instagram stories, such as voting and Q&A. It'll allow brands to increase engagement and gain a deeper understanding of user preferences. You can also repost customer posts and stories about your products to increase the sense of reality. It promotes goodwill and shows more dimensions of your products. Read More: 4 Instagram Story Features You Should Know Similarly, third-party software tools provide self-ordering functions. The system automatically sends the order link to users once they have commented with a specific phrase in the post or livestream. It shortens the process of checkout and guides users to shop directly. Besides managing social media promotion, shop owners need high-quality logistic services to support their business. Pickupp offers a one-stop logistic service covering different districts in Hong Kong. Functions such as real-time GPS tracking of parcels can ease the worries of the shop owners. Sign up as a Pickupp merchant today, so you can receive fast and transparent logistic services, focus on your business operations, and increase business efficiency while we deliver your products to the customers!