[New Function] Pin your posts on your Instagram Profile!

Jun 10, 2022 10:10 PM

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[New Function] Pin your posts on your Instagram Profile!

A new feature recently landed on Instagram (IG), granting users the ability to "Pin" up to three posts, including photos and Reels, to the top of their profile grid. It gives users more flexibility to express themselves and effectively manage personal or brand image by pinning the most representative posts on their profile. Previously, IG users could only use the "Pin" function for Story Highlights. Many celebrities and business users have been utilising it to integrate representative content into Story Highlights, increasing their followers interest as it gives them more featured content to browse. In April, Instagram revealed to TechCrunch that they were testing this new "Pin" feature. The good news is that starting June 7, the "Pin" Post feature will officially be available, allowing global IG users — whether private users or business users, to use. It's super simple!

What's the function of Pin Post?

This function allows IG users to select 1-3 of the existing posts and "Pin" (i.e., pin) them to the top of their personal profile photo grid. Simply select the post(s) you wish to pin, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, and select "Pin to your profile" to complete the pinning. When you return to your profile, you will see that the post(s) are pinned to the top, and a pin icon will appear in the upper right corner of each pinned post.

How does Pin Post benefit you?

This feature seems straightforward, and if used appropriately, it will bring many benefits! In the past, if you wanted to keep your account active without letting certain posts get buried in new ones over time, you needed to repost the same content. Now, business users can pin the most important posts, such as the purpose of business, main products, or other important store information at the top of their homepage. This ensures new followers won't miss important details when browsing the store's profile and makes account management more convenient. Additionally, business users can use the "Pin" function to pin special time-limited events, such as lucky draws, festival promotions, etc., to increase user participation and event exposure. It allows new and old followers to find out and learn more about the latest store activities, offers, and relevant information efficiently.
Moreover, some IG users who mainly focus on the aesthetic layout can use the "Pin" feature to create a unique brand or personal image. If you wish to keep the consistent format of the photo wall, you can rank the pinned posts in whichever way suits you best. It paves the way for future designs without worrying about the confusion of subsequent structures. Impress others by creating a more concise and aesthetic layout! The one downside to the current version of this "Pin" function is the limit of pinning three posts, so IG users need to choose carefully. Nevertheless, users can still use the old "Story Highlights" and the functions for leaving a comment, focusing on the details, and putting the most representative and meaningful content at the top to build a brand image more effectively.

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