【Dragon Boat Festival】A Closer Customer Relationship Thanks To Highly Efficient Delivery Service

May 11, 2022 9:15 PM

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【Dragon Boat Festival】A Closer Customer Relationship Thanks To Highly Efficient Delivery Service

With the Dragon Boat Festival, one of the most significant festivals, just around the corner, everyone's looking forward to watching the dragon boat race, as well as making and eating rice dumplings with their families! For enterprises, this festival is an important day to maintain business relationships, so online store platforms can choose gifts for clients to facilitate mutual relationships. What festive gifts have you prepared for your customers this year? Whether it's rice dumplings or baskets of fresh fruits and flowers, you can use Pickupp's services to deliver the package to your customers flawlessly.
Corporate Gifts For Dragon Boat Festival

Instant Delivery With Pickupp's Same Day Delivery Services

When buying rice dumpling gift boxes from online stores, most require frozen delivery services to extend the consumption period and freshness. However, the logistics costs for this particular service are high in the market, and delivery time cannot be guaranteed especially during peak seasons, therefore adding many uncontrollable variables to the delivery. Opt for Pickupp's Same Day Delivery services for as low as $36 per order, with delivery in as little as 4 hours and delivery as usual during the holidays. When shipping frozen items, merchants can include refrigerants inside the styrofoam box to keep them fresher! If you are shipping regular goods, you can pick Next Day Delivery Service for as low as $22 per order. Pickupp's shipping service is transparent, reliable, and doesn't charge extra on weekdays and holidays, so it's easy to place your order online! Learn more and get a quote.
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Pickupp Pricing Plan: Earn Up to 15% cashback from $36 per order

From now on, Pickupp is offering a flexible rate plan with up to 15% cash rebate for each top-up, allowing you to enjoy multiple shipments at the same price! After topping up, you can use any services from Pickupp, whether it's Same Day Delivery or Next Day Delivery, and allocate your logistics budget effortlessly according to the nature of the goods and customer requirements. Find out more through the Pricing Plan. Want to plan and avoid all kinds of unexpected situations during Dragon Boat Festival? Sign up as a Pickupp user now and place your order in advance to arrange delivery for gifts to your important customers!