How Pickupp's Innovative Fleet Management System Boost Utilisation and Reduce Cost?

Jun 14, 2023 1:06 AM

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How Pickupp's Innovative Fleet Management System Boost Utilisation and Reduce Cost?

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be a daunting task, regardless of the size of the fleet. Businesses face challenges such as underutilization of fleet capacity and explore ways to create additional revenue streams for their fleets. The fleet management system, built upon Pickupp's logistics tech platform, is meant to tackle those long-standing issues in one go, with minimal effort required.

Manage Huge Data Streams

With our fleet management system, the fleet operator can manage multiple fleets and contractors, with full transparency of: - Load factor - Real-time location - Proof of delivery An analytical report that covers efficiency and vehicle performance metrics is available to support businesses in building and optimizing fleet operations while mitigating potential problems such as delays, inaccurate delivery times, or missing vehicles.
Fleet Report

Maximize Fleet Utilisation

The Pickupp fleet management system is featured with a two-way channel between the business's own fleet and Pickupp's delivery pool. In the case that a fleet owner is overflowed with undelivered parcels, the fleet owner can request support from Pickupp, particularly for the surge of demand in peak seasons. When the excessive orders are ported over to Pickupp, Pickupp third-party logistics network will be activated, and the most optimal 3PL is then automatically tasked based on the delivery requirements. On the flip side, in low seasons, businesses may take delivery orders from Pickupp platform to keep the fleets on the road and reduce idle hours so as to optimize fleet utilization rate and turn the fleets into a revenue center but not just a cost center. In line with the fleet management concept, Wellcome, a leading supermarket chain in Hong Kong, pioneered its fleet operation with Pickupp’s system. To cope with massive and complicated fleet teams, Wellcome made use of Pickupp fleet management system to provide full visibility of real-time operational metrics and facilitate coordination among the crew. In mega sales and festive promotions, Wellcome wisely leveraged the Pickupp system for its overflowing orders without investing in additional vehicles or to compromise its service level. This has resulted in improved efficiency and reduced costs for the supermarket chain.

Revoluntionise Fleet Managmenet with Pickupp

Pickupp’s ultimate goal is to consolidate third-party logistics services with algorithms that address a wide variety of business requirements. With the fleet management system in place, Pickupp’s vision is to empower businesses of all sizes to focus on growing their business and leave logistics operations to the experts at Pickupp. To learn more about how our system can enhance your fleet management and profitability, sign up and talk to our consultants now!

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