How to Attract Customers with Digital Promotional Codes

Sep 24, 2021 7:00 PM

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How to Attract Customers with Digital Promotional Codes

With the rise of e-commerce, many physical stores have gradually switched to online operations. In order to attract customers in the fierce competition, stores are vying to introduce a variety of marketing and sale strategies. Among them, digital promotional codes are one of the most frequently used sales methods in the e-commerce industry. What is a digital promotional code? How can an online store utilize digital promotion codes to successfully attract customers?
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What is a digital promotional code?

Promotional codes are sets of alphanumeric strings issued by online merchants to encourage purchases on their websites. Only consumers who obtain and enter the promotional code before their purchases will get a certain amount of discount. These promotional codes are easy to use and are able to strive for effective marketing outcomes. First, using a digital promotional code will not affect consumers’ sense of product value. When consumers see direct sales or discounts on products, they might have doubts like “Is this product unsellable?” or “Do the merchants want to get rid of it as soon as possible?”. As a result, consumers might depreciate the product and hesitate to purchase. The use of promotional codes, however, won’t trigger this kind of suspicion. Instead, consumers might desire to purchase high-quality goods at preferential prices by using a certain promotional code. Thereby, a digital promotional code can encourage consumers to actually purchase the products which they considered buying. Secondly, promotional codes are not issued for everyone but are offered to certain consumers for different reasons. As a result, consumers will have a feeling of being valued by the merchants, they even gain a sense of superiority. Then, this might enhance their love and even loyalty to the store. By using promotional codes, online store owners not only can encourage consumers to visit and purchase again but also can stabilize the good relationship with the consumers.
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Advantages of Using Promotional Codes

There are many forms of promotional codes. Online merchants can freely and flexibly customize the content and discount methods of promotional codes according to marketing purposes. Generally speaking, there are several types of promotional codes that are most frequently seen: The first one is to attract new customers. We can see forms include “New Member Discount” or “First Order Discount”, which aims to encourage first-time customers to actually purchase products on the website. The second one is set for old customers to increase their repurchase rates and brand loyalty. The forms include “Free shipping when purchased over a certain amount” or “Birthday Discount”. For both types of promotional codes, online stores can easily track the frequency of their usage and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the promotional codes in terms of profitability. In addition to using promotional codes to attract consumers to purchase, online stores can also make good use of them for interactive promotion on social media. Many online shop owners launch marketing promotion plans on different social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They usually attach corresponding promotional codes to attract fans to proceed to purchases by using the promotional codes. Moreover, some online shops choose to cooperate with KOLs on different social media. By paying them advertising fees, these KOLs will promote store products and share exclusive promotional codes to encourage purchases. Most of the time, these promotional codes will include the KOL’s name. Followers of these KOLs may gain interest in the product, and even proceed to actual purchases or even become repeat customers of the brand in the future. Thus, promotional codes allow online shoppers to keep an eye on the performance of different promotional codes on various platforms and adjust marketing strategies from time to time. In sum, we can say that promotional codes are smart marketing tools that bring double advantages to both consumers and online shop owners. From the perspective of consumers, they can buy their favorite products at preferential prices, and they can also feel the sense of being respected and valued by the store; from the perspective of the store owners, the use of promotional codes can greatly encourage and stimulate customer consumption and increase business In addition to the amount, it can establish and maintain a good relationship with consumers.
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How to Use Promotional Codes Correctly

As mentioned above, discount codes can help online stores effectively attract customers, and also establish and maintain friendly relationships with customers. However, in addition to considering when to issue discount codes, the online shoppers also need to decide which channel is the most appropriate one to deliver promotional codes. A survey conducted by the well-known American business news website Business Insider pointed out that issuing discount codes through e-mail can best attract consumers to consider using discount codes. Stores can send relevant promotional messages via emails with promotional codes to attract consumers to read the content and use the promotional codes to purchase. However, in recent years, we have witnessed that the influence of email has gradually diminished with the development of other social media and communication software. In addition, the audience of many online stores is getting younger and younger, and the new generation of consumers are more accustomed to using social media and communication software to browse information and online stores. Therefore, before considering which channel to send the coupon code, online shop keepers should carefully understand their target customer group. Who are they? What software are they mostly used to? Then they will be able to formulate the most effective promotion plan to deliver promotional codes and thereby increase the reach and utilization rate of these codes. As a smart logistics company, Pickupp has been paying close attention to the e-commerce industry, aiming to support the development of e-commerce for large and small enterprises with reliable and cost-effective services. At Shop On Pickupp, which caters to a wide range of consumer groups, we provide consumers with diversified promotional coupons from time to time, such as exclusive offers for new customers, discounts on full-scale purchases, and discounts on designated credit cards. The smart use of these promotional codes actually assists many new online stores to strike a firm foothold in the competitive industry. Thus, if you are interested in cooperating with Pickupp, we will not only provide you with solid logistics service, but also assist you to launch various promotion and marketing campaigns to make your online business flourish!