【Ship To United Kingdom】 How to Use International Express Service to Send Parcels

Nov 14, 2022 8:30 PM

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【Ship To United Kingdom】 How to Use International Express Service to Send Parcels

The United Kingdom is a popular choice amongst many Hongkongers who have decided to immigrate overseas. If you're looking to ship small items to your new home early or wish to send gifts to your loved ones overseas, then look no further! Pickupp can arrange International shipments to the UK. Learn about the precautions and top tips for sending parcels in the cheapest and most convenient way!
Ship To United Kingdom

Precautions for mailing parcels to the UK

1. Import duties UK import tax consists of customs duties and value-added tax (VAT). You will have to pay fees for the item so long as it's worth over £150. Gross calculations include product value, shipping costs, packaging costs, and shipping insurance. You must also pay VAT, which is typically 20%. If you're planning to immigrate to the UK, you'll need to apply for the Transfer of Residence relief (TOR1) to be able to transport personal items that'll be used during the first half of the year, free of charge. If you're only looking to send gifts to your loved ones, be mindful of the price of the products and ensure you pay the taxes. 2. Transportation Insurance If you need to ship high-value goods, it's best to guarantee them with shipping insurance to avoid damages that may occur during the delivery process. If you send an International parcel through Pickupp, the company will automatically cover packages up to HK$100.
Ship To United Kingdom

Prohibited items

According to the UK Customs website, the following items are prohibited from being sent to the UK. If your package is found to contain these items, you will be fined and the related items will be confiscated. Please note that Pickupp also has restricted shipping items and parcel sizes. You can refer to the Prohibited Goods Category for more details. Customs prohibited goods include alcohol, animals, chemicals, cash, drugs, explosives, firearms, plants, seeds, tobacco, and fruits and vegetables. To relieve future homesickness, some Hongkongers who have immigrated to the UK may send Chinese medicine or food to the UK in case of emergencies. However, British customs have also strict regulations on food. To avoid goods from getting detained, we recommend checking with Pickupp's customer service before mailing packages.
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The Guide to Pickupp's International Express Service

Whether it's to submit application documents or to mail a small package, utilising Pickupp's international express service requires minimal effort! The first step is to fill in the information and register as a Pickupp user. If you're an existing user, simply create an international order and pay through the merchant portal. After creating your order, please print and paste the waybill on the parcel. If you do not have access to a printer, you can write the order number on the package, or show the generated QR code to the staff upon your arrival at the service center.
You can take your parcel to the Pickupp service center, where the staff will re-weigh and check the price. Freight charges will be calculated based on the weight of the goods or the volumetric weight (length x width x height cm/5,000), whichever is higher. For freight and delivery time, please refer to the express price list. You can use the "Shipment Tracking" function to follow up on any shipments and to confirm when a receiver has accepted the parcel(s). Interested in using our services? Register now to learn more!