【Pickupp Delivers Success】Buddy Bites - Why They Choose Pickupp

Nov 4, 2021 12:00 PM

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【Pickupp Delivers Success】Buddy Bites - Why They Choose Pickupp

Buddy Bites is a dog food brand founded in 2020, which is also the first company that provides direct-to-customer, dog food subscription services in Hong Kong. For every 2 kg sold, Buddy Bites will donate 1 kg to local dog shelters. Watch our interview with Ryan from Buddy Bites now, you will get to know how Pickupp helps Buddy Bites to arrange and meet various daily needs for puppies both at home and in dog shelters.

In a year that saw normal routines disrupted, Ryan and Chris, the co-founders of Buddy Bites recognised the opportunity of developing a subscription-based, door-to-door dog food delivery service that brings dog owners what they need, when they need. Buddy Bites chooses Pickupp as their delivery partner, ensuring flexible and reliable delivery experience for their customers. Our direct delivery service allows consumers to purchase and receive favourite dog food products without leaving their doorstep, both punctually and accurately.

Compared to grown-ups, puppies' dietary needs are constantly changing. It is important for owners to adjust the quantity, number of deliveries in response to puppies’ needs. Pickupp offers high flexibility for merchants with delivery needs. Our professional customer service can cater to your changing needs instantly. We aim to assist merchants in solving unexpected delivery problems in the least possible time, ensuring all products can be delivered safely and punctually to customers. If you are interested in placing a delivery order, register a business account now! Read More:How White Lemon Kitchen saves 33% on restaurant food deliveries? Read More:How smart logistics to help you to optimize sales performance?