【Mother’s Day Tips】 Optimise the Mother's Day Rush with Flexible Logistics Services

Apr 6, 2022 8:49 PM

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【Mother’s Day Tips】 Optimise the Mother's Day Rush with Flexible Logistics Services

Many people are anxious about their choice of gifts every Mother's Day—even deciding on what flowers to send is a learning curve. To ensure that you can handle the high season orders and deliver the perfect Mother's Day gift to your customers, learn how to utilize logistics services with Pickupp.
Mother's Day

Flexible delivery schedule

Flower bouquets and custom cakes are the most common combinations for Mother's Day. However, personalized desserts and flower basket packaging often require heaps of time to prepare, or they may be delivered late due to a shortage of time. If you are worried about the overwhelming orders and potential logistic delays this peak season, you may want to explore Pickupp's flexible delivery services. Merchants can book the service a few days before the holiday season. The same-day delivery option allows orders to be delivered within 4 hours, so store owners can focus on product preparation! What's more, delivery service can be organized immediately if a customer cannot pick up their order. Merchants can arrange the delivery time according to the customer's needs, and at the same time, facilitate the production of flower baskets and desserts.
Mothers Day Bouquets

Pickupp's professional couriers can help you send flowers and cakes

Pickupp's same-day delivery service, coupled with trained couriers, will minimize the distortion of desserts and ensure the freshness of flowers. Merchants have the option of private car delivery to ensure quality products get delivered to their customers promptly on Mother's Day. Read More: 5-Star Hotels Use Same Day Delivery for Cake

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