How to differentiate your pet shop in Hong Kong

Sep 3, 2021 7:00 PM

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How to differentiate your pet shop in Hong Kong

Many Hong Kongers treat their pets as their most precious family member. With the consistent demand for pet products, it comes as no surprise that there’s multiple grooming stores or pet shops in Hong Kong. Online pet shops have a vast array of pet supplies - from foods to grooming products and services for the feline or canine “masters of the house”. Imported products from overseas can certainly appeal to customers, however with the new development and diversity of goods available at pet shops around Hong Kong from Causeway Bay to Stanley - you need to differentiate your store with quality service.
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1. Personalised recommendations

Establish a friendly and knowledgeable service by recommending pet supplies based on the customer preferences and habits. There are many pet supply stores in multiple locations in Hong Kong to choose from. In Mong Kok, there are nearly 20 pet supply stores in the area, offering a variety of choices. If your store can recommend individual products suitable for your customer’s pets, you can build a rapport with the customer and maintain long term customers. To reward your repeat customers, you can introduce a membership system where they can join for free after answering a few simple questions about their pet supplies preferences. When they return for their next purchase, your pet shop can suggest products based on their membership details and buying history. If you have an online pet supplies shop, you can recommend related products on each product page to encourage customers to continue browsing and discover new items.

2. Easy, online shopping platform

Having an online store is not only great for companies to implement marketing strategies it can also help to attract a wider market. It benefits customers by providing an accessible and convenient platform for them to make purchases. Even in 2021 our busy lives have remained unchanged, pursuing a work-life balance where time and convenience is of the essence to make the most of our after work hours. In line with this thought, the people of Hong Kong often buy pet supplies in bulk to save them from making multiple orders at a later date. Purchasing large amounts of supplies can be a burden as the weight of the snacks, cleaning products and new toys add up. With one click, online shopping reduces the physical burden of carrying the items themselves and the need to visit a store in person. Since customers can buy their pet supplies from the comfort of their home, they are not restricted by the operating hours of physical pet stores and can maximise their free time.
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3. Offer delivery options

By offering delivery for your customers - it allows them to experience a seamless shopping journey. Any purchases made, no matter if it was in store or online should receive the benefit of having their purchases delivered.Taking their needs into consideration, you can remove the hassle of customer’s coming to your pet shop in Kennedy Town or Aberdeen to pick up their order, giving them more time to choose quality supplies for their pets without worrying how and when they’ll collect everything themselves. Partnering with a trustworthy logistics company grants you comprehensive support, helping you deliver your quality pet supplies to your customers on time. Whether your pet shop is in Tsuen Wan or Causeway Bay, you will need a quick delivery solution for your orders. Pickupp can provide you door-to-door delivery service - with our fastest deliveries within 2 hours of requesting our service to your destination. Since we do not have an order cut-off time, you can enjoy our flexible service 24/7 and put in your request at any moment. In addition you will have access to our real-time 24 hours GPS tracking, for transparent and efficient deliveries.