What may you encounter during delivery?

Unable to collect signature

Please complete the order by following the steps mentioned above.

- If the consignee refuses to sign, click "Unable to collect signature? Click Here". Then choose “Attended but refused to sign”. - If the consignee requests to put the parcel at the management office / door, please choose "Reception" as the recipient, click "Unable to collect signature? Click Here". Then click "Not attended, put down item with consent". Delivery agents also need to upload the related messages screenshot to show the consignee's authorization.

‘Unable to deliver’ UTD

What is ‘unable to deliver’?

The ‘unable to deliver process’ is the actions to be taken when we face situations where the parcel cannot be delivered.

Situations that may lead to ‘unable to deliver’, for example: -Failed to contact the recipient -The recipient is unable to receive the parcel on the delivery date -Nobody answered the doorbell after arriving at the drop off address -There is no such recipient at the drop off address
If you arrived on time but failed to deliver, you can:

a. Schedule for 2nd try

If the recipient requests to postpone the delivery time or date, please inform us through ‘Schedule for 2nd attempt’ and upload the conversation proof via ‘contact us’.

b.) Send back to pickup location:

Please send the parcel back to the pickup location on the delivery date or the day after.

Please take a photo of the parcel with the doorplate at the drop-off location before you leave.

Do not leave the parcel at unattended locations without any consent. Here is an example of ‘unable to deliver’ photo:

To demonstrate that you have contacted the recipient three times but no one has answered, you must submit the call log of those attempts to the app.

Reminders for ‘unable to deliver’

Please note that you have to choose the reason that best describes your circumstance. If the photos are unclear or the information is not completed, the order may not be counted in your earnings. Therefore, kindly complete all the mentioned steps!

GPS location

GPS Issues: The app did not indicate that you had arrived at the drop-off location.

1. Please check that the Pickupp Delivery Agent App has GPS permission in your phone's settings. 2. If it is still failed, please provide a photo of the parcel with the doorplate to prove the completion of the delivery. 3. Send the drop off photo to customer service via ‘Contact us’. Our team will help you with the remaining process. ⚠️Please remember to backup all the images to protect your rights in the event of a dispute.

The GPS location is different from the text address?

All the delivery addresses should refer to the text address for accuracy. Please deliver to the address according to the text address text in any circumstances. If there is any deviation, please report to Pickupp immediately. If there is any pricing difference between the GPS and the actual location, Pickupp will adjust the price accordingly.

Other issues

Question: The drop off location is too dark to take photos. Answer: Please take a photo at the entrance of the building to prove your arrival and upload it via ‘contact us’. Our customer service team will assist you. Question: Having internet issues on your way? Answer: Take a photo and upload it to the App when the internet is available. Please send it via ‘contact us’ if you are still not able to upload to the App. Our customer service team will assist you.


When there is typhoon signal no.8:

For delivery agents who do not have any orders on hand: 1.) For your safety, we don't suggest you accept any orders under extreme weather conditions. ‘For Accepted (not yet picked up) Orders’ 1.) If your order is NOT a warehouse order and you believe you can complete the order safely, please complete it as soon as possible and be mindful of your surroundings. 2.) If your order is a warehouse Order, please do not proceed to pick up the order. Pickupp warehouses will be closed while T8 is in force. 3.) If you can deliver your order the day after, please contact us and we will postpone the drop off time for you. 4.) Pickupp will cancel/postpone all the orders that have not been picked up. (Cancellation fee is not available in this situation) ‘For Enroute (already picked up) Orders’ 1.) If you cannot complete the orders on hand, please (i) inform Pickupp via ‘contact us’ and (ii) contact the recipient the regarding the postponement of the delivery. 2.) If you cannot deliver the order the following day, please contact Customer Service via Contact Us in the app, and return the parcel to the pick up location as soon as possible after T8 is cancelled.