Pickupp Hero Upgrade Plan

What is Pickupp Hero Upgrade Plan?

For all delivery agents, you can accept 7-10 orders at the same time depending on your vehicle type! Once you complete a certain number of orders, you can upgrade to the next level. The higher the level, the more orders you can accept! Please refer to the attached image for more information:

*Aside from the number of orders, your delivery records are crucial. You might not be able to upgrade if your on-time rate and good rating are below 95%. *Once you fulfill the requirement, our system will automatically rank up your tier; kindly be patient.

Experience point (EXP)

What is Experience Point (EXP)?

You will get two "Experience Points" for each completed on-time order. The additional "Experience Point" will be awarded if you have a high Good Rating and On Time rate. Maintain a good service level to earn more "Experience Points," which will allow you to rank up your tier.

EXP progress bar

When you accumulate enough "EXP" within a month, your tier will automatically rank up to the next level! You can check the “EXP'' bar in the Pickupp Hero App. Here is the required "EXP” for each tier:

EXP reset

The system will clear all the EXP on the first day of every month. If you cannot reach the “maintain point” of your tier, you will be downgraded and the dedicated benefits of your original tier will no longer be available for you. Tier Benefits More benefits/ perks become available at higher tiers! Service Rating The stars represent your Service Rating by recipients. The maximum stars you can have is 5. Maintain a good service level in order to get more stars!